After 2 years of waiting finally Adele released a new single last year entitled Rolling in the Deep.  I didn’t like the song immediately but later on it grew on me.  The song’s tune is catchy and of course, her voice is just fantastic.  Currently, she’s my 3rd most favorite artist following Kelly Clarkson and Bethany Joy Galeotti.

I know that her sophomore album like her debut album 19 is something to look forward to.  True enough I wasn’t disappointed with her album entitled 21.  After Kelly Clarkson’s All I Ever Wanted this is the only album that I had loved the 1st 5 tracks.  Rumour Has It, the second track is jazzy and tends to stay in my ears after minutes of listening to it.

Next song is Don’t You Remember, I can totally relate to its message because I was a victim of the same sentiment.  Here’s a link of the song so you’d appreciate.

One of the reasons why I love Adele is she performs very well live.  She sounds almost the same with her record and only few artists are like that.  As a proof here’s another link of her performance at the Brit Awards and I think this would be here next single, Someone Like You.

And here’s my most favorite song in the album and I think is her best so far, Set Fire to the Rain.  Actually there’s something in her voice that makes me feel her sentiments with this song and Don’t You Remember.  I’ll write more about these two songs in the next few days.  I’m just sharing these songs so you’d get an idea how great of an artist Adele is.

I just hope that she visits the Philippines soon.  And if this happens, I’ll be one the first few to buy her concert ticket.