in·tim·i·date (n-tm-dt)

tr.v. in·tim·i·dat·ed, in·tim·i·dat·ing, in·tim·i·dates

1. To make timid; fill with fear: frighten

2. To coerce or inhibit by or as if by threats.

Noun. intimidation – the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something

I just can’t believe that some of my “friends” think that I’m intimidating.  Read on and find out why I think so.

I had short text message exchanges with a friend (Ron) last Saturday morning while I’m on my way home to our province.  We’ve met together with other friends for dinner Friday night and he mentioned about my strong personality.  The actual word he used was “intimidated”, he’s saying that it’s one of the reasons why people I had misunderstandings with are having a hard time to approach me because they are intimidated.

And this is what I have to say, “If your friends are intimidated by you then maybe they don’t know you well for you to even call them your friends.”

I tweeted this and made it as my Facebook status yesterday because I strongly believe that friends shouldn’t be intimidated by each other.  If they are your real friends, they’d know you in and out.  I’m having a hard time believing that feeling fear towards one of your friends is even remotely possible.

I think the only reason why one friend can be intimidated is there’s an absence of communication.  And we all know that friendships are built on strong foundation of communication and trust.  What I’m trying to say is friends are expected to fight over something and argue about the shallowest thing on earth but when that situation comes they face it together, talk about it and resolve the difference.

This is where the question arises why should you be intimidated?  It only means that you’re not really friends with them because they can’t talk to you about the truth or issues that they have with you.  I just don’t believe that there should be a barrier with a relationship like friendship.  I don’t believe that there’s a stronger friend and a weaker friend.

I know that I can be blunt and straight forward but that’s what and how I expect from my friends, too.  How can you watch each other’s back if you can’t be honest and true with each other?  Besides, one has to accept and bear in one’s mind that friends have the best interest to bring out the best in you.

I’m just a believer of trust and honesty.  I treat my friends like my siblings and if I need to point out something to correct them even if it would cost us our friendship then let it be.  I would expect my friends to be that way, too.  And if there would really be a friendship ending then maybe there wasn’t really a friendship to start with.

My parting words are, “I don’t get intimidated by my friends because I’m true to them and I don’t have to pretend someone that I’m not and I know I can always tell them anything without thinking that they’d take it against me.” and they could expect that from me as well.