Still remember the old PLDT commercial where one kid was placing a long distance call to Cebu and the kid operator confirmed the call by saying “B” Cebu?

I forgot what year it was launched but I still have vivid recollection of this.  And recently I’ve posted an album in my Facebook account entitled B to relive that moment since I’ve traveled to Cebu.  I actually traveled alone out of adventure.  The original plan was to spend few days in Bohol for my birthday celebration but I thought of making a side trip to Cebu since its neighboring island to Bohol.  I thought that diverting a day would add spice to my vacation and I was certainly correct for doing that.  So here’s my blog post about my trip to Cebu last March 6.

Destination: Cebu City

How to get there: By air from Manila

Budget: 2000 (exclusive of airfare)

Travel companions: None

First impression: It’s not my first time in Cebu and I’ve always find Cebu like the Metro with heavy and congested traffic.  It’s sunny and foreigners are literally everywhere.  But my recent travel to the island made me realize that Cebuanos are very friendly and helpful.

Things to do and see: Cebu is the center of Christianity in the country.  (I hope I am right about this)  Cebu is a small island and you can actually go around for a day.  This is the very reason why I pursued the travel.  There are lots of things to do and one of them is to visit local churches.  Cebu has a number of old and beautiful churches adored by locals and foreigners, too.

Actually, the best way to maximize your time in Cebu is to drop by Mactan Island first since it’s just Php 18 away from the airport if you’ll take a local vehicle.  Then you can go to the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño for Php 23 when you get there you can just walk around since it’s near to the famous Magellan’s cross and Fort San Pedro.

I was lucky that one of the bosses in our office is from Cebu and she was in the city when I visited.  I was able to go down south of the province, to Naga and was able to taste the famous “sutukil” or grilled seafood but if you don’t have the time and free ride, you can actually go to Mactan island near the Lapu Lapu monument and it’s famous for the “sutukil” too.

One of my favorite of this trip is when I got the chance to go to Mountain View Nature Park and get to stay in place and eat, rest and enjoy the view, it’s overlooking the city.

overlooking Cebu

Tips: Say no to traveling by taxi.  Cebuanos can speak English and not to mention they are very friendly and helpful.  Riding local modes of transportation wouldn’t be hard.  In fact, during this travel I have saved more than five hundred pesos.

Things that I’d try when I’d go back: The next time I’d go to Cebu and if I’ll have a traveling buddy, I’d like to try the Sky Experience Adventure at Crowne Regency Hotel.  I was just too afraid to die alone since I’m afraid of heights.  You might want to learn more about it just click the link here.

Local food that I’ve tried: I’ve always loved seafood and Cebu have a wide variety of choices being near to the coastal area.  I have tasted two local food the first one is “Saang” or spider shell in English.  It was my first time to taste it and I’ve never seen one in the Metro.  It tasted like snails.  Then the second one is “Balat” (not sure if this is the right translation I just searched this over the internet) or sea cucumber.  It actually tasted good and it was crunchy.



"Balat" or sea cucumber

Highlight of the trip: In summary my recent trip was very fulfilling, fun and full of adventure.  I got to taste local food, got to go around the city for free.  I was even lucky to go inside Plantation Bay to take a look in short span of time since there was an event being held that time.  I have seen the overlooking “picturesque” beauty of the city from the Mountain view park.  Traveled alone and navigated my way and rode the local mode of transportation and didn’t get lost.  This is the ideal way of celebrating my birthday, being in an adventure trip alone.

Plantation Bay Cebu


"the tourist"

With this experience, I am very certain that I’ll go back to Cebu and try to go to the other islands like Camotes, Bantayan or Malapascua when that time comes you’ll expect another blog post from me. Until then!