I’ve been a fan of the TV series Supernatural since 2005 when I’ve heard about Jared Padalecki’s new project after leaving my favorite show Gilmore Girls. I instantly loved the series because of Jensen Ackles and his character – Dean Winchester. His character is funny and lovable. Okay I think I’m too biased.

Then just recently, I think two weeks ago when I’ve heard about the release of Supernatural the Animation and being a loyal follower of the show of course, I didn’t think twice and searched for a copy of the series.

The anime will be re-imagining the original live-action series that follows the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean as they hunt creatures and other supernatural phenomena across the American landscape. The anime will be a 22-episode season that will cover the storyline of the live-action version’s first two seasons. The anime project will not only remake the best episodes from the live-action version, but also depict original episodes not seen in the live-action version. Those original episodes will include prologues of the Winchester brothers’ childhood, anime-only enemies, and episodes featuring secondary characters from the live-action version. (Credits to animenetwork.com)

The Winchester brothers (Sam and Dean) will be designed to look like the original actual actors (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki). Sub characters: e.g. John, Bobby, Mary, Jessica etc. will be designed in a completely new way to give fresh impression. Enemies (Creatures, Demon and Ghosts) will be given a cool design taking full advantage of Japanese anime expression. (Credits to supernaturalwiki.com)

Jared dubbed Sam’s voice and unfortunately to Jensen fans like me he will be dubbing only for the last two episodes of the animation.

I have watched 16 episodes already and I can’t seem to get enough of it. One thing that I didn’t like much is the change in character of Dean it seemed like that he’s taking the lead from Sam which isn’t actually the case from the live-action series but good thing is the animation kept his comical character intact. Listening to the Japanese version of Kansas’ Carry on Wayward Son is a bit odd and funny, this song was used as the series’ theme.

Here’s the clip of the official trailer of the animation originally in Japanese but also dubbed in English.