I think I have found a healthy addiction lately and it is running.  I can’t believe that I can really push myself this hard.  I’ve never been this goal-oriented before.  I never pushed myself to study hard or work hard to be a boss but running made me realize that if I just put my focus on something I can achieve it.

I’ve bought my shoes last year around May because I was starting to feel like I have knee and ankle injuries from running and playing badminton.  Then when I’ve bought my iPod replacement last June I’ve told myself that I should buy the Nike + iPod sports kit to help me train for a marathon properly.  I’ve finally had the budget to buy the kit and it served as my Christmas gift to myself which included an iPod touch since I’ve failed to check that the kit doesn’t go with the iPod classic, what a bummer, right?

But all these purchases had finally paid off, this kit has helped me monitor my progress and encourage me to do my best every time I run.  I’ve been running consistently for the past 3 months and just this month I have increased my mileage from 3km to 5km.  Unfortunately, I had developed shin splints because of lack of proper exercise and stretching.

Having shin splints actually was favorable because I was forced to research about it and learned that I should really prepare properly every time I run.  I became conscious and vigilant.  I think for the first time in my life I have proven that I can actually be disciplined.  Discipline is one trait I don’t have that’s why I didn’t become a sportsman.

So I would like to share with you this video I’ve got from the internet that I’ve been religiously following so I wouldn’t have any problems before and after I run.  These are just 8 basic stretching exercises and it wouldn’t hurt if you’ll follow them, it is so easy and it’ll take about 15 to 20 minutes of your time.

I have conceptualized this post so I could share how Nike+ iPod sports kit works to help me achieve my goal. 

It has Nike+ Coach which has been designed to help you with every facet of your running needs, just like a real life coach (only without the piercing whistle) whether you’re training for distance, a particular event, or even another sport. 

It is very easy and friendly.  You just need to set up the type of program you want base on your experience level, event distance and how frequently you are able to run each week. Throughout your training, Nike+ Coach will track your individual runs via graphs, allowing you to compare your times and better understand the trends in your overall performance. You’ll also get tips and advice to ensure you’re training properly and getting the most out of your runs while minimizing the risk of fatigue and injury.

Nike+ Coach simply makes your training easier by taking the thinking and worrying out of your hands so you can focus on putting everything you’ve got into your feet. The bottom line is if you want to run smart, run with Nike+ Coach. (Credits nike.com)

So here are the sample graphs of my 5km runs as provided by nike.com.  Sorry I’m just proud of what I have achieved for the past month.  So what are you waiting for, run smart, run with Nike+ Coach.