Earlier this morning as I was looking for Third Eye Blind’s “How’s It Going to be” on my ipod, I noticed that I have songs with common song titles that I have been playing for quite some time and these songs are from different artists and not covers.  And, I just find it very amusing.  Forgive me there are days like this that I randomly pay attention to non-essentials.

The list was supposed to start with Nelly Furtado and Macy Gray but I removed it for technical reasons; Nelly’s song is “Try” while Macy’s song is “I try”.  So to take out the guilt and be too technical about it I’m starting Kelly Clarkson and *N Sync with “Gone”.

Kelly Clarkson’s Gone

*N Sync’s Gone

Next on my list is Beyonce and Bethany Joy Galeotti’s “Halo”

Beyonce’s Halo

Bethany’s Halo

I guess it’s too obvious that I’m a Kelly Clarkson fan.  I was supposed to include “Because of you” but I don’t exactly have Keith Martin’s song on my iPod so again, I was too technical.  Anyway, I want to finish this post big so I’m sharing the song from my two favorite girls, Pink and Kelly Clarkson with “Sober”.

Kelly Clarkson’s Sober

Pink’s Sober