Have you ever had the feeling of opening a box and seeing anything but what you’ve expected? Or not getting something you’ve been promised?  

Disappointment is a psychological result, it is a subjective response related to the anticipated rewards.  Some people recover quickly, others mire in frustration or blame and worst some become depressed.

Okay I’ll give you an example and explain why I came up with the exact opening statement.  I just found out over the week end that ABC just cancelled Brothers and Sisters.  I know that series end, shows end.  Ending is like death it is inevitable.  I am fully aware of that but what’s disappointing is how it came to an end and how it ended.  It’s like 2007 again when The CW Television decided to end Gilmore Girls.

These shows have been loved because of the story line, rapport of the casts and effective acting.  It’s just really saddening to see these shows end.  I say yes it matters how long a show has been there but getting a good and memorable ending is something the fans deserve.  It’s called giving justice to the show itself, its existence.

Seeing the news about Brothers and Sisters’ cancellation has been my major disappointment last week.  It has overtaken two frustrating situations in my life lately, one is my failure to attend my youngest brother’s wedding and the second one is being sick for days. 

Again, some people recover quickly, others mire in frustration and some even gets depressed.  It’s been 4 years now since Gilmore Girls ended and I can still feel the frustration maybe with Brothers and Sisters’ cancellation, I can try being depressed this time. Nah, I’m just kidding ha-ha.  I’m ending my post with a heavy heart; I just need to remind myself of this so I’m posting this video.