Sometimes you’ll encounter people who are either sarcastic or philosophic or in Tagalog, “pilosopo”.  They can reason out beyond compare and at times annoying.  For example, Monkeys love bananas. You love bananas. Therefore, you’re a monkey.  It’s annoying not only because it’s meant to insult you but their logic is actually wrong.

Back in college, Logic is one of my favorite subjects in Philosophy.  It’s all because of one topic in class that has appealed to me.  It is syllogism.

A syllogism from the Greek word syllogismos which means conclusion or inference which can also be referred to as logical appeal is a kind of logical argument in which one proposition (the conclusion) is inferred from two others (the premises) of a certain form, i.e. categorical proposition.

In Prior Analytics, Aristotle defines syllogism as “a discourse in which, certain things having been supposed, something different from the things supposed results of necessity because these things are so.” (24b18–20)

Despite this very general definition, he limits himself first to categorical syllogisms (and later to modal syllogisms). The syllogism was at the core of traditional deductive reasoning, where facts are determined by combining existing statements, in contrast to inductive reasoning where facts are determined by repeated observations. (credits to

A categorical syllogism consists of three parts: the major premise, the minor premise and the conclusion.  I am so in love with the topic that I actually still remember the 1st four types of syllogism which are the following:

Barbara (AAA-1)

All men are mortal. (MaP)

All Greeks are men. (SaM)

∴ All Greeks are mortal. (SaP)

Celarent (EAE-1)

No reptiles have fur. (MeP)

All snakes are reptiles. (SaM)

∴ No snakes have fur. (SeP)

Darii (AII-1)

All rabbits have fur. (MaP)

Some pets are rabbits. (SiM)

∴ Some pets have fur. (SiP)

Ferio (EIO-1)

No homework is fun. (MeP)

Some reading is homework. (SiM)

∴ Some reading is not fun. (SoP)


I’ve never really considered myself logical until I studied logic.  I didn’t expect that I’d get good grades on the topic.  But I think this is the very reason why I’m good in Mathematics since the subject needs reasoning.  Discovering this has almost led me to change my college degree from Accountancy to Information System Management.  The love for programming, computers, process flow and logical reasoning was a late discovery unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong I love my job and career, I just think I could have been happier if I was allowed to pursue where I am more fit to do.

Just thought of this topic since it was discussed on my favorite radio morning show, The Morning Rush and I’m wondering if people are aware of this.  If it isn’t I strongly advise you to explore and read the topic.  It’s quite a good topic to learn.  Anyway, I’m ending this post with a silly syllogism cartoon to stress my point how fun it is to have logic.