There’s no denying that I’m a big Adele fan.  Her voice, tone, delivery is jut spot-on and strong. I really love her to the bones.  If she’ll come here in Manila I wouldn’t be thinking twice to buy a ticket to her concert.  It’s a no-brainer.  She could actually be my one and only. (Just kidding Kelly Clarkson, you’d always be my first love)

Speaking of “One and Only” this is what my post is about.  This is another Adele song that I love.  The song is a simple love song but the voice is coming from someone who has been let down too many times before.  It’s a re-telling of someone who is starting to fall in love with someone.  She knows this even before but refuses to accept that fact because of too much fear from past relationships.  She’s trying to resist the feeling just to protect her from potentially getting hurt again.  But as the days go by she grows fonder and realizes that maybe the other person feels the same way about her.  Finally she gives in and she tries to convince him to take a chance on love.   She knows that it’s not easy to give his heart but their love for each other will make it worthwhile.  She assures him that she’s one who can walk the mile until the end starts.

It’s a song which I can totally relate with looking back at the past year.  This was actually what I was thinking.  I was too afraid to take the risk then when I started to tell him that I’m ready everything changed.  This song made me realize that.  But that’s a closed story now.  I have nothing to elaborate. Ha-ha! 

My only concern with this song is I think the second part is more appropriate to be sung by a guy.  It can actually pass as a duet. The girl who is hesitant and the guy will tell her that it’ll be all worth it.  I hope Adele gets to read this and consider it.  I just hope she won’t say, “Oh crap you didn’t understand what I was trying to point out!”

I’m ending this post by sharing the link of the song.  Adele sounds better live luckily this song has no video yet and I’ve found a good live version. Enjoy!