When you graduate from college, you feel a certain level of happiness and fulfillment coupled with hope and idealism.  You feel like you’re energized and ready for the world out there.

I was once a newly graduate.  The level of anxiousness was different.  The thought of earning my own money and getting to do the things that I want was perking me up.  Envisioning the way on going up the corporate ladder was something that I’d dream about everyday not until I get to do the job interviews.  It was like one disappointment after another and sometime it’s worse because you get to be up against your friend for a job.  Worst, your friend gets the job and you try to make it on your own afterwards.

It is a time when your idealism is being tested.  Trying your hardest to hold on to hope and believe that something is out there for you.  My journey to my first job wasn’t fast.  I think it took me 8 months to get where I am now.  It was a long journey but it was worth it.

You might ask why I’m doing a post about post-graduation when this happened over a decade ago.  It was all because of Postgrad a movie starting Alexis Bledel.  The movie reminded me that when you look for a job, you start to discover yourself, your dreams and your journey to finding love.

The movie reminded that when you mature and age, you tend to lose your idealism and become more of a realist.  It’s not all about being successful and thinking about the future.  David, a character in the movie said, “What you do with your life is just one-half of the equation more importantly it’s who you’re with when you’re doing it.”

And I totally agree with him.  Sometimes, we tend to focus too much on what’s going to happen from 5 to 10 years from now and planning about it. Lest we forget and often neglecting what’s happening right now and who we are with and worse who we are.

Adam, Ryden’s (Alexis Bledel) love interest even said and I quote,

What exactly needs explanation? The fact that I’ve been waiting around like a moron hoping that one day you’ll actually feel about me the way I feel about you? Or the fact that you’re so obsessed with your future that you completely forget about everyone that you’re supposed to give a shit about?


I’m not waiting anymore. I’m done. I may not know exactly what my future looks like, but I know one thing. You’re not in it.

*Silence*Car door closes*

I love these lines because that’s what I believe in.  I stopped obsessing about money, career and success as I aged.  I focused my life on being happy, doing what I want, and appreciating the things that come along my way.  I never over focused on the future to neglect my family and friends.  I never planned to work abroad to earn more money then leave my family here as a trade-off.  Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people who work abroad to build their dreams.  What I’m saying is that’s a choice that never crossed my mind and won’t.

I just tried to do my best in everything that I do and be grateful for the things that I get when I get them.  I stopped longing for more and believed that there’s more to life than targeting to be a boss or earning and saving my 1st million.  And, I may not have met my one and only as of today but I’m certain that after a decade of being a graduate, I can say that I am proud and happy of what I have become.  I have set my priorities well and it is my family and friends which comes first before career and everything else that comes with it.

I’m sharing the link of the trailer and a song from the movie, too.  Enjoy!