A week ago I was just telling my new friend Jon from twitter that I think he’s going to be a good father because he loves kids and he’ll be such a good catch for women.  Then he replied that when the time comes that he’ll father someone he wants to be like Hank Moody of the show Californication so he recommended me to watch it so I’d understand his point.

Since I’m sometimes bored with my life and I’ve got True Blood and re-runs of Sex and the City on my list, I’ve decided to give Californication a try.  The show has 4 seasons already and it has only 12 episodes that run about 25 to 28 minutes per episode so sparing half  an hour didn’t sound too big of a deal.

The series revolves around Hank Moody, a novelist plagued by personal demons. He blames his longtime writer’s block on a variety of reasons, ranging from the hedonism of Los Angeles to the departure of his girlfriend Karen. Hank constantly deals with the consequences of his inability to say “no” to drugs, sex and alcohol, while trying to show his family that he can be a good, responsible, caring father to Becca and a monogamous partner to Karen. (Credits to Wikipedia.org)

I really find Hank Moody a little annoying because he tends to make things complicated when everything shouldn’t.  And he keeps on beating around the bush when he can just blurt it out in the open.  Well, I think that’s exactly what the character is all about since he’s a writer.  I love his wits though.  His lines and sarcastic way of delivering the lines are actually appreciated.  I wouldn’t be finishing the entire season 1 in two days if I didn’t like the show, right?

I’m quoting one or two samples of his quotable quotes, an example of sarcasm, “”Apathy kills, but I don’t care.” An example of how sleazy he is, “I won’t go down in history, but I will go down on your sister.” I can’t quote too much because you wouldn’t appreciate it unless you’ve seen the scene.  These are just two of the hundreds, I think.

And aside from Hank, the character that I actually adored is his daughter Becca.  She’s taken for granted by Hank at times but she knows that Hank loves her so much.  She’s sensitive and you can totally feel that she loves her parents.  I just love how Hank and Karen’s style of upbringing her.  Totally liberated and westernized.  Believe me, I grew up with that same style and I ended up totally okay. 

And another reason why I love her is because she’s matured.  She doesn’t speak her age.  She told Karen her mom when she’s starting to have second thoughts about making the right choice of abandoning her marriage to another guy just to go back and take the risk with Hank once again.  “He is who he is, Mom. You knew that when you jumped into the car with us. If you’re worried you made a mistake, that’s not his fault. You have to love him for who he is, not his potential.”

See what I mean?  If you want a light funny family drama with graphic and lewd scenes about sex and lessons on parenting all rolled into one, Californication is a highly recommended show for you.  It’s like a having a good laugh while learning new stuff about life.  Give it a try then tell me how you find it maybe we won’t just end up sharing thought about the show maybe we can do more.  Just kidding I’m just trying if there’s a Hank Moody in me.  😀