Better late than never is the appropriate adage for my latest addiction.  I’m really glad that my twitter friend Jon introduced me to Californication.  The show is demented, sarcastic, witty and vulgar trying to be romantic at times and not to forget that it has a lesson and you’ll learn something from it, too.  These are just some of the reasons why I am so addicted but there’s more and she is Becca Moody, the daughter of the main character Hank Moody.  She actually reminds me of Abby Sciuto of NCIS.

Anyway, Becca’s very witty and you’ll love her because she’s matured for her age.  Despite being taken for granted and often ignored by her dad, she never turned her back on him.  She’s sensitive and she just knows when and how to comfort her dad when he most needs it.  Actually I see a little of myself in her.

I’m posting a transcription and clip of the scene where Becca’s trying to teach her dad, Hank about parenting.  I almost cried with this scene, here it goes:

Hank: You know, I know I say this too much, all the time probably, but I was wrong to do what I did. And I was wrong to be so glib about trying to fix it.
Becca: There is no right or wrong, Dad, just the consequences of your actions. You taught me that.
Hank: Well I guess I don’t like the consequences of my actions very much right now.

Becca: I’m always on your side, Dad. Always, even when I shouldn’t be. But I’m sick of it. Get your shit together before it’s too late! I don’t care if you and Mom never say another kind word to each other, but I’m sick and tired of parenting you both. I’m a fucking kid! I don’t know what I’m doing half the time. But I do know this: if you keep cracking jokes, and taking another drink, and pretending that life is one big stupid party, you will miss everything.

So if you’ll have a time to spare, you’ve got no better thing to do and you want to watch a totally cracked up show, I highly recommend this show.  I’m betting my bottom dollar on this, you’ll enjoy the show.