I’ve noticed that I have this tendency to become too comfortable and play safe.  I’m not into experimentation when it comes to food, movies, clothes and music to name a few.  Well, that was actually few years’ back especially if we will talk about food.  Early last year when I started experimenting with clothes and asked my friend Dru to help me pick out clothes.  The next day I came to work everyone noticed and liked it.  Then I believed that reinventing yourself once in a while is a healthy exercise. 

Then lately, I’ve started using the shuffle function on my iPod classic to give myself a room to listen to other songs and for possible discovery of new favorite songs to play.  Fortunately, I was successful with this task.

The song was gloomy and you can hear it from the artist’s voice. (I don’t know why songs about grief or being broken have a special place in my heart maybe because I can relate with the song’s sentiments.  I’m not sure about it but one thing I’m sure of I really find it appealing.)  You can feel his grief and sadness.  It’s Duncan Sheik and the song is So Gone from the album White Limousine which was released last January 26, 2006 in the US.  Unfortunately, his albums weren’t released in the Philippines to date but luckily, I was able to discover Rasputin Records when I visited the US last March 2009.

Anyway, the song was about someone who disappeared from his loved one’s life.  The first verse signifies that like a child he tried to believe that the love will never go away.  That love was magical and it’s something that we can hold on to.  Then somewhere in their relationship he started to think what’s happening between them.  Where is the magic in love that he used to know, he began to look for satisfaction and happiness.  He wondered how many more nights will he have to try to convince himself that everything’s going to be alright then he faltered and he was gone.    

But in the end, he realized the he was wrong… and he is asking her to love him again.  He wants to be back in her life.  He had thought of everything, wrote songs with only one thing to say… which is to forgive him and wish her to stay with him… 

I really find this kind of song very true because I know that humans are not perfect and they commit mistakes and bad decisions (not that I’m encouraging men to commit mistakes and take someone for granted.)  I’m just saying that we should give people a second chance.  For me it’s a song with about someone asking for forgiveness with the willingness to fight for his love, to start all over and take the risks of being together again…forever.

I’m attaching a YouTube link of the song so you could listen to it and hear what I’ve heard. Enjoy!