I’m a no gaming addict. Well, I used to but it was then the era of Nintendo.  Writing these words will really give away how old I am.  When I entered high school I stopped playing games and focused on other things.  I’ve realized that so much time is being wasted by playing games and neglecting important things like listening to music.

So when Facebook gained popularity it has introduced me to online games such as Mob wars, Mafia wars, etc.  And I got addicted to some extent that I’d really struggle to look for a connection just so I could upgrade or don’t miss a bonus or energy boosts and the likes.  Looking back on those times makes me ask myself, “What have I done to myself? Why did I allow games like these overpower me?”  And yes I’m just exaggerating and of course, I answered myself with, “All work and no play make me a dull gay” (tweaked it a bit)

And this is what my post is all about.  Zynga’s Empires and Allies which has becoming my latest addiction.  I just love it because unlike Mafia wars, Empires and Allies is a graphic based as opposed to the browser based games of Zynga.  I just really find it cool and very entertaining.  I get to think of strategies and build allies and attack opponents and defend my properties.  I just love it as simple as that.  Attaching pictures of the graphics so you’d see what I’m talking about.

a sample empire

a sample land battle

“Empires and Allies” portrays a military cartoon world composed mostly of archipelagos with each player beginning with one island, and being able to expand to up to four other islands. Each archipelago represents an “empire” or militarized island nation, with a “world alliance” that the player can optionally enter, but by doing so forfeits an ability to attack other sovereign nations. The player’s task is to recover their island nation’s glory and defeat the main villain, “The Raven,” and his commanders, who each have covered a separate archipelago that the player must island hop until the end of the “chain” which is assumed to be the island of which “The Raven” resides on.

The game begins with a massive enemy attack which all but demolishes the player’s nation, in a quest for revenge; the player is dragged into a war against the aggressors, uncovering their reasoning for the attack. It is later revealed that the player’s island contains a valuable ore that the enemy requires for a super weapon, which the player is tasked to stop at all costs. The player meets several advisors: a civic advisor, a military advisor, a construction advisor, and a mission advisor.

Despite all this, Empires and Allies still maintains good humor with enemy commanders having often comedic portrayals and biographies, such as “The Raven” being named such for he couldn’t catch an eagle and instead settled on a raven.

Within nine days, Empires and Allies had gained nearly 10 million users. (Credits to Wikipedia.org)

I just shared the information and concept of what Empires and Allies is and finishing off my post with the cute video that they’ve used to launch the game.  So if you are someone who easily gets addicted to games and doesn’t want to be a victim and addict stay away from this game, I’m telling you, I need rehabilitation for withdrawal.

my empire