I’ve tweeted over a week or two ago that I think I’m a love repellant.  Not that I’m being jaded but I was just stating an observation.  I’ve just noticed that I’ve met people and they’ve liked me or so they thought that they like me especially in this age of virtual insanity called internet generation. 

It has turning to be an annoying cycle.  Follower signifies interest. I try to entertain and give it a try.  But along the way, I still end up not getting what I signed for.  And surprisingly, I’m not actually sad with that harsh reality.  Maybe because I’m a bit cynical or my trust issue is bigger than me or maybe I just believe that the time for me to meet someone who’s cut out for me has yet to come. 

I’m not getting any younger and I have no time for games especially when it comes to love.  And I’m very aware of the reality that the internet is the least of all places to look for love.  I think I should have known this better by now.  But please don’t judge me; I’m not looking for love on the internet, it just so happen that I’d get to meet people there.  In fact, I’ve got a couple of good friends whom I’ve met thru it.

Anyway, I wasn’t really thinking of that when I initially drafted this post but despite of that sentiment, I’ve found myself suffering from LSS or the last song syndrome last week and the song is Natasha Bedingfield’s “Put your arms around me”.  The song sounds so positive.  Something that I think I need to listen more often so I’d get to convince myself in believing that love actually exists and it really happens. Ha-ha I’m just kidding!  Now, I think I’m sounded jaded and cynical.

Back to what I was saying, I fell in love with the song not only because it sounds positive but also because it was good.  Who wouldn’t love words like “that original feeling never went away”?  This is what I’m exactly hoping for, a love where the intensity has never faded and changed.  I mean if I were just 15 and I’ve heard of that, I’d probably think that love is something amazing and perfect.  There will no more issues with trust because you’d know once you’ve met your loved one, it will always be there. 

Then the song have these words and it is just right down sweet, “So put your arms around me and then stay there forever, Let it always be this way, you and me together”.  It is as if it’s saying that all you have to do is be with me, be around me, wrap me around your arms and we’ll stay together this way forever.  It is like getting an assurance from someone and it’s important when you’re in a relationship.  I know that saying these things are too idealistic but aren’t we all optimistic especially when it comes to love?

Writing this post made me realize that it’s not bad to keep your hopes high and still believe that love is amazing.  Nobody said that it’s going to be an easy ride but I think experiencing it without getting mishaps or bumps from time to time wouldn’t be realistic.  Besides who would want to a monotonous life?  As they say, variety is the spice of life and so I believe that quarrels is to a love life.

I’m ending my post by sharing the music link to Natasha’s songs with the hope that when the right time comes I can sing and make it an anthem to my love life.  Enjoy!