The past few weeks were different for me, I felt like I’ve matured another year.  I am making my biggest purchase, a purchase that I didn’t see that I’d be making at all.  I can’t actually recall what triggered this supposed “big leap”.  I just found myself sending an email to a friend inquiring about the cost of investment and that led to one thing and another. 

I got brochures, checked websites and sent out inquiries then I’ve finally decided that I had to see model units so I could convince myself more since I don’t actually believe in buying those kind of property for reasons like it’s more practical to own a house than a condominium among other things.

But lately, I have seen the other side, I mean there are also reasons why it is advantageous for me to own and buy a condominium.  Firstly, it is much better for me to own than to continuously waste my money for rent.  Plus, I won’t need a house since I don’t have plans of getting married and raising a family isn’t really part of the plan. 

So last Saturday, I was able to set a schedule with 4 different developers and checked 6 different properties in the metro.  And I never expected that I’d say this, if I had the money to spend that day I would probably have bought 2 out of the 6 properties.

Each property has its own edge over the other properties.  I never really thought that property checking and hopping would be that tiring.  I even planned on making a scorecard so I could really decide on what property to get.  There are lots of things to consider like the amenities, the dues, the security, the location and obviously, the biggest criterion of all is the affordability.

After the site visits, I’ve just found myself scrambling for numbers, starting to stress out thinking of ways how to budget my finances.  In short, I was so convinced that I made comparative studies of the different properties so my decision will be based on what I liked and my capacity to pay. 

Five years ago, I didn’t have the plan of buying my own car, house or anything big that would require me to file for loans and sacrifice my lifestyle and travels.  But I guess it’s about time that I should make this decision, a decision that will prove that I have really matured and I’m taking everything seriously.  I just hope that I’ll make it through.  I’m actually thrilled, afraid, anxious and excited.  I can’t wait for the time that I’d make the reservation and sign a contract.  Well, that’s what I’m looking forward to right now.  One step at a time maybe after two years I can actually envision myself of moving in the place.  Good luck to me!