“The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline.” Bum Phillips

I’m not the best person to preach about discipline.  If you know me, I’m an “I-hate-rules-but-would-try-to-abide” kind of person but when things need to be done then I follow.

And the past few months proved me how strong my discipline is.  First, I really needed to save up lots of mullah for an amortization that will last a lifetime and I’ve surprised myself by giving away whims like watching movies and traveling.  I even changed my lifestyle and started to be a wise spender especially when it comes to wants.  Well, it’s not that I don’t know how to save up but I just don’t have a specific amount to target and monitor my spending.  I still don’t fully monitor it like some friends I know.  I just do estimates and tighten my belt when need be.

Second testament is about my health.  My blood results since 2009 showed that I have high levels on cholesterol and triglycerides.  I just didn’t mind since I’m younger then.  I just don’t want to limit myself especially when it comes to my food intake.  I don’t want to miss the good things in life. 

Until after the 3rd straight year of getting the same old results and it has worsened, too.  So I’ve decided to change my diet and eating habits not because I was afraid to die early but I wanted to know how far I can push myself in attaining a goal.  I needed a challenge since my work is a bore.  After 6 months of doing a half-hearted self diet regimen and another set of test, there were small improvement that I couldn’t be proud of.  It was a big failure so I’ve finally put my focus in this goal and had another set of test after 3 months and voila! I’ve successfully passed everything.  Improvements were so high that I was too proud of it and bragged about it.  And aside from being healthier, I even lost weight.  I’ve never felt that I can over-achieve my goal.  It was ecstatic!

Thus, I’ve finally believed that discipline is a good trait that I should really possess.  I’ve never imagined that I can be this disciplined.  I was too carefree and lazy.  I’ve forgotten and neglected that the key to success lies primarily on discipline. 

With this, I’ve really learned that when we put our minds into something and we execute it according to plan there’s no way for us to fail.  This testament will always be a reminder that when I want something I should just trust myself and put my 100% into it and then I’ll have it with the right attitude and proper discipline, I can achieve anything.  Cheers to my next target, “WORLD DOMINATION!”