I wasn’t originally planning to write about Kelly Clarkson’s You Can’t Win.  I was thinking of a different song but I was too busy that the days passed by and my love for this song grew stronger that made me post this.

This song is said to be one of Kelly’s favorites and I’m not surprised.  Upon hearing the song I already knew that she wrote it.  Basically, the song is about why we shouldn’t try to please everyone.  It’s like if you’ll do something, you’ll be damned and if you don’t you’ll still be damned.   And it’s the fucking truth.  People will always have different opinions about you.  The question is does this really matter?  Are we here on earth to live a life built on others’ expectations?

It’s actually ironic, when the world clamors for us to be ourselves – yet forces us to be the “selves” that meets the world’s standard of approval.  See how the world is trying to confuse us.  No wonder some people stopped believing on their own.

But I don’t.  I have always been the rebellious type.  I am non-conformist.  I really hated getting an attention.  Being famous and popular wasn’t my priority in life.  I’ve always believed that I don’t need to kiss somebody’s ass to be loved and appreciated.  In fact, I’m a bitch, I’m blunt and I can get away with it.  Actually, there’s a misconception, most people love bitches.   

I guess it’s just matter of finding your right crowd, the crowd who’d get to know you more and accept for what you are.  At least for me, what only matters are the opinions of my loved ones because I know that they have the best interest but again, I’ll just take their inputs and weigh things out then do whatever suits me.  I never meant to live my life under the shadow of somebody else and up to the extent that I’d sacrifice my own happiness and personality. 

Always remember whatever you do with your life is your own decision and you just need to be ready with its consequence.  At the end of the day your own happiness matters not theirs.  So do you still think you need everyone’s acceptance?  I just hope your answer is a resounding – NO!