I don’t really mean to be too negative about it but I think after three weeks of in-state of shock I’m considering this new challenge as a curse.  At first, I thought 2011 started good but with the recent development that happened last leap day is making me think if 2011 was really a good year.  I know that it is still too early to tell but that unfortunate day is changing everything.  And yes I think I’m blaming it on the leap day and naming it as the leap year curse.

First, I still need to be grateful for some things so I could pretend that I’m really happy with where I am right now and what’s happening with me.  (What’s really disappointing me is that I thought I could just shake this thing off and be happy as I should but I just couldn’t).  My hard work for the past years had finally paid off, I’ve got an unexpected job grade upgrade and a validation of expertise had put me to an open-ended special assignment by our Chief Financial Officer.  And knowing our CFO she doesn’t trust someone so easily and this assignment was a great opportunity for me to deliver and make a mark for my name in the corporate world.  Aside from that, I’m now working with a pool of young but full of potential set of employees that excites me because I know that I’d learn something from them and I can impart the things that I’ve learned throughout the years. 

Having written the whole second paragraph made me forget what was the point of this post.  (See that’s how good I am with making a point, I tend to confuse myself, too.)

But with this great opportunity comes with a big challenge and things that I have to give up, too.  Example, I was transferred to a new office and I don’t get to see the person that’s making me happy every single day and of course, I have to leave a good set of friends, too.   Another is the accessibility, the new office is a little farther, and there’s a need to travel just to go a bank and malls.  (But this isn’t a major up setter actually).  The major issues actually are the time that I have to let go.  Being back to this kind of work would entail me to render and extend overtime.  Working on weekends is highly probable.  Another reason of my unhappiness and worries is being assigned to this work pause threats to some that I don’t entirely get.  I just hate it when people thing think that I’m there to rob off their authority and trample over their rights.  I just hate working on an environment wherein you could smell insecurity and the need to power trip is high.  Thus, there’s a need for them to compete with you that makes me cringe and makes me want to give them an award and say “are you happy now?” 

I just want it to be as simple as this, I want an environment where everyone is happy and helping each other out.  We are in a working place not an arena where someone is declared a winner afterwards.  I have always believed that a good working attitude must be exemplified in a corporate world.  I just want world peace and camaraderie.

Making this post isn’t easy.  It has only been three weeks and this is what I’ve been feeling.  This is a serious thing and I’m not happy with the turnout of events.  And if it’s truly a leap year curse I just hope that I don’t need to wait for the next leap year so everything would revert back to what I’m used to. Oh please Lord, please don’t! Spare me my happiness.  My dear readers please pray with me.  Thanks!