Couples break up for a lot of reasons some fall out of love, some have misunderstandings and fight, some have unapproving parents and these are just some of the reasons why it makes loving such a tragic story.  And as they say when couples break up nobody breaks even.  There’s always someone who is more hurt and damaged.  And one could only wish that we wouldn’t be the one left crying in the dark. 

Break up is one of the darkest stages a person could ever go through his life.  If one has never experienced it they’re probably lucky or not have been loved at all.

But you know what I hate about break ups aside from the hurt; it is the washing of the dirty laundry.  It is okay to feel sad and mourn for the lost of a relationship. But with today’s technology, it is very convenient for someone to blame a relationship’s failure to the other party.  Worse is to do it out loud for the whole universe to hear, analyze and judge.  People forget that their relationship is between the two persons who know the whole story.  I get it, when people are hurt we need someone to talk to, share our frustrations and worries but it doesn’t give us the right to put someone out there defenseless.

I just believe that these issues should be discussed by the parties.  When we signed up with love breaking up was one of the risks that we took with it.  I know that it is ideal to end up a relationship in an amicable manner but when it ends and you can’t resolve the issues anymore, you deal with it then move on.

I know that this is easier said than done but nobody said that it can’t be done.  One should bear this in his mind before he enters into a relationship called love that there are seasons of love.  Happiness and sadness will be both present when you’re in love and that’s the reality one should be ready with.  And when the going gets tough one should be ready to face it, it is inevitable and it doesn’t always have to end badly. 

But when it ends badly, here are some tips that I think you should do.  Surround yourself with real friends, whom you can count on, build a support system.   Stay away from the internet, if you can go somewhere far go pack your bags and make that trip.  Lastly, take a time off love if you must.  Love yourself and prepare for the next one.

I wrote this post for a friend who is one of the strongest women I’ve known.  I know that you’re dealing with a lot of stuff right now but I know that you’ll pass through this stage with flying colors.  Hang on there! We love you.