I’m a happy person and I’ve always enjoyed watching comedy movies and shows.  I have a high respect with comedians because I really find them witty and having a comic timing is a talent that not everyone possesses.

It was last year when my friend Jay-r invited us to watch an improvisation act.   It was foreign sounding to me so I immediately accepted the invite and two other friends Rhix and Ray joined us.

It was the time I got introduced to SPIT Manila or Silly People’s Improv Theatre, the country’s premiere improvisational theatre troupe.  It differs from the usual stand-up comedy routines as its performances fully involve the audience.  They perform scenes, songs and games completely based on audience suggestions just like in the show “Whose line is it anyway?”

And last June 30th we came back to watch the show as SPIT Manila’s celebrating their 10th year and they staged a Manila festival to showcase different talents in the country and neighboring countries in Asia like China and Taiwan and as far as USA.

Right before the show started my friends and I were discussing that maybe we should try auditioning.  Its non-conventional act and spontaneity really appealed to me and made me think that doing an improv should be put in my bucket list.

And you wouldn’t believe just before the 2nd act finished I just found myself rushing to the stage and volunteered myself to perform with the Beijing improv cast notwithstanding that they are all Americans (I think), I’m doing it for the first time and in a foreign language.  What was I thinking?

But at the end of the show, I had so much fun.  I was really fortunate that the audience was very appreciative and they really know how to give credit to the performers.  But I think foreigners are more appreciative than Filipinos.

Forgive me but I’m sharing the link and proof that I can be crazy even if I’m not drunk.  Hope you’ll like it.  Go away!