Let me share my craziness that I have been dealing from lately and my plans of debugging it.  I just missed blogging and writing stuff that I used to do and I know that this is a bit personal but again as if I really care with what people would think.

So I’m shooting away and would be brain farting anytime soon.

I took up accounting and have practiced the profession for more than a decade now which gives me the right to say this disclaimer that I have been using the left side of my brain.

I have this tendency of becoming too analytical and I tend to calculate every move that I make especially in terms of love.  Sometimes I actually ask myself if I’m capable of loving or even just believing it.  I don’t know why I’m too afraid to get hurt.  I can’t even give a good reason for holding back but I do.

But this time I think I’m following Snow Patrol’s song Just say Yes.  Love is neither a test nor a trick of the mind that I should analyze and understand.  This time I’d let myself feel what love really is.   I should embrace the uncertainty and enjoy every minute of the ride. 

And that’s my plan for the next few weeks.  Let’s see where this plan would lead me to… hopefully inside his heart.