Love is such a good feeling especially when you are not looking for it.  You’d see signs and you’d realize that you have stumbled upon it.  One sign is you’d find yourself smiling and the only reason you have is just because you’re thinking of that certain person.

I didn’t expect that I’ll find someone interesting, someone who’ll connect with me in a way that I have not connected to with anyone else before.  The constant interaction and exchanges led me to where I am today.  But, I don’t want to complicate things and I know that this isn’t part of the plan.  Everything is clear right from the start.

Also, I just have accepted the fact that there are things in life that we want to have but we don’t get them and in my opinion and what I have learned is all we need to do is move on and find another dream to chase.  Especially in terms of love, when things don’t go our way, we can’t be bitter about it.  We should remember that we love the person because we just do and not because of the anticipation of possible reciprocation of love.

I know I may sound too pessimistic and I’m not sure what I’m talking about but I’m just afraid that I’ll start havoc and I’d end up hurting. 

But what I’m sure of today, regardless of the situation, I’m ready to love him and I’ll love him more than anyone.  I’ll be the first one waiting and I’d be the last to leave and all I want to do is make him the happiest person alive.

I know that I can certainly make him smile but not the smile that he’ll draw his happiness from.  I just hope that I can bring him the happiness he deserves could even be possible in the future.

These are just some of the things I have in my mind, pardon my brain fart.  Don’t worry I won’t and don’t do sadness.