They say that “timing is everything”.  If we were talking about dancing, it is about the rhythm, the synchronizing of the production for the effect.  If we were talking about gags, it would about the instance when you drop the punch line and people start laughing.

This is the second part of A’s journey.

A has been known to have one of the worst timing.  Once, he had his heart broken on his birthday.  For him, there’s no such thing as timing.  If he feels that something needs to be said and done, it has to happen that instance or else if you’ll give him more time to think he’d lose his point.  For him, it is better to be clear and out in the open than assume and wait for something that’s uncertain to happen.  He strongly believes that it is better to leave while he is still in love.  This way he could have closure and possibly keep the friendship.

And just recently it happened again – his heart broken and shattered into pieces.  It was never easy but he had to do what he believes is the best for him and B.  He hates the fact that he had to leave the beautiful friendship behind.  Taking some time off to move on and start again.  Some call it self-preservation, some call it a brave move and he calls it the right to do.

It took him months to convince himself to finally do it.  Had he waited another day, for the perfect timing, nothing will be written today.  And to make it worse, it all happened on the night of heart’s day.

If timing is everything then A will be damned for all eternity.