I love watching movies.  Here you’d see my thoughts about the movie that I’ve watched.  The movie lines that I loved and inspired me.  This section is for the pop corn lovers.



I may be musically tone deaf but I love music so much.  I practically listen to music ¾ of my time in a day or even more.  Here you’d see my latest find, my currently playing list, and the list of songs that completes my day.



I love learning new things about the outside world.  The history, culture and most especially the beautiful nature, spots are the things that drags me to the most expensive hobby that I have.  This would usually contain pictures and memories of the places that I have visited.



I am a couch potato.  I love watching T.V. series.  I love reality, funny and comedy, short touching and family related shows.  Basically no need to elaborate more… yes this is the Television category.  Here, you’d find my favorite shows.  Discover the series that I am currently hooked up with.  And of course, my tiring thoughts about it!


Life or Something Like It

I am emotional.  I breathe and I exist.  Unfortunately, thoughts come along with it.  I may look-like, sound-like and act-like very lightly but the reality is I still do take on about Life and its mystery.  Actually, I have lots of it.  This is my favorite section because this is the expressive part.  This is the heart of my work and collection.  It’s Life or something like it!



This would probably the catch all, dumping ground or thoughts that I may have not related to any of the above categories.  Sometimes, I enter into a world of illusions beyond expectations.  All the non-sense and not-so-fun stuffs are here.



2 Responses to “Categories Unraveled”

  1. Enoch Vojtko Says:

    Great blog, Just wanted to comment that i can not connect to the rss stream, you might want install the right wordpress plugin for that to workthat.

  2. edzcelperk Says:

    oh i see. okay I’ll try to check it out. thanks. 😀

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