In life one has to endure the “If only and what could have been”, it is safe to say that it’s more of innate and everyone gets to experience this at least once in his life.  But as you mature, you try to limit having these kinds of questions or should I say we should at least limit the recurrence of having these questions. 

Well, at least for me that’s one thing that I’ve realized.  We only get to live our lives once and we owe it to ourselves to make it a fun and tolerable ride at the very least.  Having said that I also believe that getting a lesser number of if only and what could have been is indirectly proportional to the rate of happiness we’d get. 

As what I’ve learned from a Management Study subject, the higher the risk, the greater return we’d get.  Taking the risks in life is tantamount to answering and avoiding the “if only and what could have been”.

But sad to say having these questions are more often real, existing and highly unavoidable.  I guess having these questions is human nature and not all of these questions are unhealthy and should be avoided.

And what better example I could give you is having the “what should have been”.  Have you ever experienced having made up your own alternate ending to a movie that you’ve watched?  There are certain movies that left you hanging thus the need to interpret and put your own end to what had happened.  If you don’t then you’re missing a good brain exercise.  And the best example that I can think of right now is the movie Inception.  I loved the movie but I don’t think I’ve understood it at all.  It was too brainy and my brain cells were left dead after watching the movie.  So after all the analysis, thinking and discussion more questions popped rather than getting answers.  Then just recently, I think this video has saved me, “How Inception Should Have Ended”

After watching this video, I’ve realized that I’m really a fan of light-thinking, enjoying-the-moment and let’s-try-not-to-be-too-serious-it’s-just-a-movie-anyway.  I think I have bigger problems to deal with and too much analyzing about a movie is just a waste of time.  So needless to say, I’ve watched at least five of or “How It Should Have Ended” videos to lighten up my mood and enjoy the long week end.  So, I’m sharing some of their videos that I’ve liked and you can also check it from their website. (Click here

Empire Strikes Back


Episode IV



Hope these videos would remind you that the main purpose of watching movies is to get entertained.  Let’s leave the analysis to the critics and let’s invest our time of thinking to serious matters like on how to solve world peace and hunger.  Just kidding! Always remember, “Joyfulness keeps the heart and face young. A good laugh makes us better friends with ourselves and everybody around us.” Just chill, relax and try to have a good time not only when you watch a movie but also when you deal with life.


When you graduate from college, you feel a certain level of happiness and fulfillment coupled with hope and idealism.  You feel like you’re energized and ready for the world out there.

I was once a newly graduate.  The level of anxiousness was different.  The thought of earning my own money and getting to do the things that I want was perking me up.  Envisioning the way on going up the corporate ladder was something that I’d dream about everyday not until I get to do the job interviews.  It was like one disappointment after another and sometime it’s worse because you get to be up against your friend for a job.  Worst, your friend gets the job and you try to make it on your own afterwards.

It is a time when your idealism is being tested.  Trying your hardest to hold on to hope and believe that something is out there for you.  My journey to my first job wasn’t fast.  I think it took me 8 months to get where I am now.  It was a long journey but it was worth it.

You might ask why I’m doing a post about post-graduation when this happened over a decade ago.  It was all because of Postgrad a movie starting Alexis Bledel.  The movie reminded me that when you look for a job, you start to discover yourself, your dreams and your journey to finding love.

The movie reminded that when you mature and age, you tend to lose your idealism and become more of a realist.  It’s not all about being successful and thinking about the future.  David, a character in the movie said, “What you do with your life is just one-half of the equation more importantly it’s who you’re with when you’re doing it.”

And I totally agree with him.  Sometimes, we tend to focus too much on what’s going to happen from 5 to 10 years from now and planning about it. Lest we forget and often neglecting what’s happening right now and who we are with and worse who we are.

Adam, Ryden’s (Alexis Bledel) love interest even said and I quote,

What exactly needs explanation? The fact that I’ve been waiting around like a moron hoping that one day you’ll actually feel about me the way I feel about you? Or the fact that you’re so obsessed with your future that you completely forget about everyone that you’re supposed to give a shit about?


I’m not waiting anymore. I’m done. I may not know exactly what my future looks like, but I know one thing. You’re not in it.

*Silence*Car door closes*

I love these lines because that’s what I believe in.  I stopped obsessing about money, career and success as I aged.  I focused my life on being happy, doing what I want, and appreciating the things that come along my way.  I never over focused on the future to neglect my family and friends.  I never planned to work abroad to earn more money then leave my family here as a trade-off.  Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people who work abroad to build their dreams.  What I’m saying is that’s a choice that never crossed my mind and won’t.

I just tried to do my best in everything that I do and be grateful for the things that I get when I get them.  I stopped longing for more and believed that there’s more to life than targeting to be a boss or earning and saving my 1st million.  And, I may not have met my one and only as of today but I’m certain that after a decade of being a graduate, I can say that I am proud and happy of what I have become.  I have set my priorities well and it is my family and friends which comes first before career and everything else that comes with it.

I’m sharing the link of the trailer and a song from the movie, too.  Enjoy!

This year I’ve decided to balance everything or at least I’ll try. By balance I mean, I’ll try to listen to music, watch movies, write a post and read books. With the 1st three items, I don’t have a problem I get to listen to music in a minimum of 10 hours a day, I try to watch a movie at least once a week and I write 5 blog posts on the average in a month.  And my worst among these media is reading. I don’t really like reading long articles may it be an email, news; name it I won’t probably read it.

But my recent travel paved the way for me to finish a book. It made me realize what I was missing. There’s a different kind joy about reading not to mention that it’s fulfilling, too. You’ll get to improve your vocabulary and learn new words as well. Aside from that, what I really love with reading is the power of the mind to travel and imagine the situation with no limits. It’ll bring you to places and traverse a world where everything is possible.

Anyway, let me  go back to the book that I’ve read it was Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. I first saw the movie by Henry Selick and I loved it. My friend Erna lent me her book so I could appreciate Gaiman’s novel. At first, I wasn’t really sure if there’s a need for me to read that aside from the reasons I stated above. I just find it a waste of time since I was able to see the movie and it was animated so I thought there wouldn’t be any difference. Since it is animation all I thought was there wouldn’t be any alterations with the novel because there’s no casting constraint and everything is more controllable unlike if it was made as real deal movie. But I was mistaken.

There were things in the movie but weren’t part of the book like Wybie, Wybie’s grandmother and the doll. And vice versa, there were things in the book but weren’t captured in the movie like when Coraline went to the store by herself and bought limeade and apples when her parents were kidnapped. Another is when Coraline got a box of chocolates in the theatre where Spink and Forcible performed. Lastly, when the Other Father was punished for revealing too much information and Coraline found him locked in the cellar and ends up attacking her.

Now let’s go to the story and why I liked it. The movie can be best summarized by its tagline “Be careful of what you wish for”. The story was about Coraline’s longing for a Stepford-like family, a world near to being perfect. Where her mother could cook a real meal and her father could take a time off his work and find time for his family. Doesn’t sound too much for me, in fact, I think everyone would actually want that. But in the story, Coraline’s boredom led her to discover a different parallel world in which there is an Other Mother and Other Father who are tailored-fit images of what she wants but there was something unusual with the almost perfect world, her other parents have buttons for their eyes.

For me, what the story was trying to tell me was to be satisfied with what you have. There’s no such thing as a perfect family and world. To quote Coraline from the book, “What kind of fun would it be if I just got whatever I wanted?” I don’t see the point in living and aspiring for perfection aside from the fact that it doesn’t exist, it’s actually boring. You wouldn’t appreciate happiness when you haven’t been lonely. There’s a purpose for everything. The pain, the negative things in our lives, the imperfection, it gives a whole different meaning to happiness, joy and fulfillment. It makes these things meaningful and it gives true value to life.

Yes, it’s best if you get the things that you want when you want it but when you do, the notch gets higher and higher. There’s no stopping to human’s desire. It has no end, it’s limitless, and it’s never satisfied. To which I go back to my main point again, life isn’t about being happy when everything is perfect, it’s about deciding to see life beyond the imperfections.

Coraline is a disturbing and haunting movie for kids, the book is more horrific. Gaiman is a genius and Selick was able to give justice to his work. I’m posting a YouTube link of the trailer. If you’ll have a chance to watch the movie, I strongly suggest that you read the book, too or vice versa.


I got curious of Charlotte York of the Sex and the City when my friends from twitter told me that I am like her in so many ways.  I forced myself to watch the show so I’d understand what they have been talking about.  At first, I thought I was more of Miranda Hobbes and definitely not a Carrie Bradshaw or Samantha Jones.  But as I was watching the show episodes after episodes then I was able to unravel who Charlotte York is.

And based on the show’s profile: Charlotte York

“She works in an art gallery and has had a conventional Connecticut upbringing. She is the most optimistic of the group, the one who places the most emphasis on emotional love as opposed to lust, and is a true romantic; always searching for her “knight in shining armor.” She scoffs at the lewder, more libertine antics of her friends (primarily Samantha), presenting a more traditional attitude about relationships, usually based on “the rules” of love and dating. Despite her traditional outlook, she has been known to make concessions (while married) that even surprise her more sexually liberated girlfriends.   During the series, it is also revealed that Charlotte was voted homecoming queen, prom queen, “most popular,” student body president, and track team captain, and was active as a cheerleader and teen model. 

Charlotte is viewed by some to be the most naive of the four characters, often showing signs of belief in the old-fashioned, “love conquers all” notion. This type of outlook has even earned her the nickname “Park Avenue Pollyanna,” coined by Carrie Bradshaw in narrations. Yet, her friends are sometimes envious and even in awe of her overall optimism on love and life, leading Carrie to dedicate her book to Charlotte. Charlotte is fiercely optimistic, although often anxious and paranoid that nothing will go right. She also possesses a soft personality towards her friends, always “being there” for them.” (Credits to

These are some of the things Charlotte and I share (at least in my opinion and my friends, too):

1.       We both abide by “the rules” – Well, I actually hate rules but I couldn’t just break them

2.       We both put more emphasis on emotional love – I could be a nun believe me

3.       We sort of the same for being popular – I am bitchy most of the time but I am weirdly popular and loved this I can’t seem to understand maybe my bubbly personality somehow overshadows the former (being bitchy)

I am still on the 2nd season and so far I’m getting why my friends think that I am more of Charlotte.  I just wish that people would think that I also have her class and wits.  I really find her funny as I find myself silly.  There are a couple times that I gasped and laughed because I totally found myself in her.   So I guess I have to rest my case, I’m officially convinced that I’m Charlotte in every single way.


I was on a roll last Monday I have finished 3 movies. I don’t usually watch movies at home that often.  I actually find it weird that I still buy copy of movies but end up not watching them for weeks and worst even months.  Maybe because I know that it’ll always be there and at least it’s handy to have them available when my schedule permits me to do so. 


I usually blog about the movies that I have watched only if I have been moved and I liked the story.  Not to mention, if I’m not procrastinating.  And as I was doing this post, I’ve just realized that I have not posted or blogged about a movie that I didn’t like.  What I’d do usually is pretend that I didn’t watch the movie, forget about it and pray to God for the director’s discernment that he’d find the light in the darkness.  Well, the last one was just said to exaggerate.



Anyway, I’m in the mood to diss.  My 1st victim would be the movie, “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.  It is a live action adaptation of Jeff Kinney’s illustrated novel about a boy and his search for middle school status change.  First, I just don’t believe that a book like that would be written and be read and worst made a movie.  Well, sorry but the movie wasn’t that bad at all.  Maybe, I have just lost my sense of humor when I watched it.  I just hope I don’t sound so crabby right now.


Or am I just too serious?  Maybe, I just didn’t understand it because I’ve never felt the need to be famous when I was younger.  I never felt the pressure to be accepted by many.  I have always believed in what I can do and what I am.  I’m not saying that I am perfect and I don’t have insecurities back then.  I do or should I say I had my fair share of insecurities, I’ve just chosen not to be overshadowed by it.

What really disappointed me was how can someone exchange his friendship with the status of being famous?  Could anyone be that desperate?  I think the set-up was too unrealistic for me and that part of the plot I didn’t like.  But I get it, that’s exactly what Jeff Kinney wants his reader to know that being famous isn’t everything much the same way with happiness and success.


I guess as someone who didn’t undergo the pain of being rejected by peers.  I have realized a different perspective of the story.  For kids at middle school it is about the “being accepted and famous” and everything will revolve around it.  As to when you get older it’ll be about happiness and success.  And at the end of it, would you compromise your friends or family just to have that in return and forever lose them in your life?  For me, of course the answer would be a resounding Hell NO!  It turned out that I have learned something about the movie after all maybe I actually enjoyed the movie and I was just denying it. Ha-ha!

I got lucky to be invited to watch the premiere of The Avatar: The Last Airbender few weeks back.  And I’ve watched the movie before getting hooked on the series.  After watching the movie, my movie buddies’ comments made me curious why the movie has turned out as a big disappointment to them.  As someone who hasn’t watched the series, I find the movies’ effects good but the story lines are all messed up and I didn’t quite get what was the story all about.  There are scenes from the movie that will make you wonder why it is even part of the movie, and you wouldn’t just get it.  I think the biggest mistake of M. Night Shyamalan is to take out the fun in the movie.  He made the story too serious and took out the funny antics of Aang and Sokka.

Anyway, I’ll just talk about how much I’ve enjoyed the series then.  It was really funny.  The comic timing was really good.  Well what do you expect, its target market are kids.  The plot in the series was greatly developed.  Once you watched the first episode there’s a big tendency that you won’t stop watching for more.  I was amazed with Katara, she was full of courage.  Sokka may be funny, sarcastic but he’s smart.  Aang’s character is believable, though he knows he’s powerful and he’s the avatar the child in him was kept and it made the story believable.  You can feel Zuko’s rage and frustration but it didn’t make the series too dark thanks to General Iroh’s character.

Watching the series made me wish I can do any of the element bending.  I was actually teased by friends that I’d prolly be a fire bender. I took a test on Facebook and it suggested that I’m a Firebender and I’m not quite convinced yet.  I still believe I can pass as a member of the water tribe because I am adaptable and peaceful.  Haha!

I’m now currently watching the 2nd season, the Book of Earth and the new characters made the story more interesting.  I’ll write about the 2nd book in a different post.  I’m sharing a YouTube link of a promotional trailer of the cartoons.

I fell in love with Jake Gyllenhaal when I watched “The Day After Tomorrow” which was my first movie that I’ve watched alone.  That time was when I started to embrace the reality that I can be alone and independent.  I actually love the fact and became proud of myself.

Back to the story, that year I became fonder of him after learning that he co-starred with Jeniffer Aniston who I adore so much. I even asked my mom to buy me a DVD of the movie since I can’t find one here.  And part of being in-love with him I started to check out his movies and Donnie Darko was one of it.  Unfortunately, I got too busy, I’ve lost time and I totally forgot about the movie despite reading good reviews.  Then this year after meeting two good friends while discussing about movies on two separate occasions, Donnie Darko was one of those movies that they’ve recommended.

With today’s technology I was able to get a copy of the movie and decided to watch it finally.  It actually took me two days and another couple of days to finally realize how crazy-good the movie is.

For me, it is romantic though tragic.  But, I can’t discount the fact that it was really romantically written.  What I really liked about the movie was it was non-conformist.  It went out of the usual love stories and crappy I mean too-good-to-be true endings.

Why you might ask?  For the reason, Donnie Darko was a misunderstood but very intelligent guy.  He’s most of the time opinionated and he had no qualms in voicing out his ideas.  That’s one thing that I really loved about him.  Yes, I have a thing for handsome, good-looking and superbly intelligent guys.  But being intelligent and weird has a price, he was emotionally challenged and it seemed that he wasn’t accepted in his time.  He had an imaginary friend Frank who told him about the possibility of time travel and made him do crazy things with the assurance that he won’t get caught.  Frank even told Donnie that in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds, the world will end.

Going back to the element of love in the story, one day he met Gretchen a new girl in town and they became closer.  This is the part where for me at least it became romantic but tragic.  The 28th day, close call to the last 6 hours, he saw the imaginary tubes leading to a place, he immediately grabbed Gretchen hurried to where it is leading with the thought of it being the answer to all of his questions about time travel when Gretchen was accidentally ran over by a car driven by Donnie’s sister’s boyfriend in a suit that looked like his imaginary friend.  Gretchen died and he shot Frank.  He carried her and followed the tube that led to a place.  The 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds made sense.  He sacrificed his own life for Gretchen’s thru time travel.  This is the part where I didn’t see tragedy but more of true romantic love.

It’s rare for someone to sacrifice one’s life because of love to think how much power someone can get through time travel.  That’s the true meaning of love, no price, full of pure intention and unconditional.

The end of the story/movie was even made more dramatic with Mad World being played on the background.  I’m attaching that part of the movie.  If you have free time to watch a movie, this one should be part of your must-see. You’ll love it.

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