With the disappointment on the outcome of 2010 American Idol and departure of judge Simon Cowell; I didn’t try to watch the season 10.  But this year I gave it a try, I’ve told myself that there’s nothing wrong with trying besides I’ve wanted to discover new artists for 2012.  I’ve just realized I didn’t get to discover new songs and artist for 2011. 

Funny thing is I actually didn’t watch the first few episodes which are the auditions.  I just listened to it while I was doing other stuff example; I’ve sorted puzzle pieces, wrote blog posts or listened while working from home that was the routine.  I thought that it was the best time to multi-task and it worked.  Came the Hollywood episodes then I started to put my attention to the show.

That was the time I started to come up with my artists to watch for.  And I’ve got at least 2 bets that I’d know would go straight to the 24.  One was Reed Grimm, I think he’s a Taylor Hicks incarnate.  Unfortunately, he didn’t make it to the final 12 which became 13. 

I actually hated having the final 13.  For me having an extra person compromised the actual concept of the show and what made it worst I think they’ve picked the wrong idols like Deandre and Jeremy. Ha-ha!

Anyway, what really made my AI viewing worth my time is the discovery of Phillip Phillips.  I have to admit his looks sealed the deal.  He reminds me of someone close to my heart.  Oops, enough of the sexy thoughts, back to writing the post. Ha-ha!

I’m hoping that he’d win the title but knowing my history the only bet I had that won was Carrie Underwood.  All my bets placed 2nd or 3rd.  I just hope that Phillip would break that curse.  What I really love about him is his individuality.  There’s no single song he performed that I actually recognized.  He made it his own.  Well, some of his songs are too old that I don’t really know but that’s beside the point.  What fears me is his idealism.  I know that he just wants to be there to share his talents but in a contest like American Idol where you get votes and up against artists, who are also good or even better, it pays to be out of your comfort zone and try something new and out-of-the-box that will totally leave the audience awed.  Good thing is he doesn’t sound cocky whenever he defends his song choice or fashion sense.  I just hope that he’d perform something that would overshadow the talent and performance of other idol hopefuls.

And lately I’m beginning to love Elise and Colton it’s more of a back up bets but I don’t think that they’d made it to the finale.  I’m just saying.  I really love the trio’s performance of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks’ performance 3 weeks ago.  I’d watch this clip at least once a day that’s how impressed I am with the performance.  Good thing I’ve found a high quality link in YouTube that I can share with you.  Enjoy!

I just really hope that he’d win.  For now that’s my wish for 2012 and if he makes it to the finale, I’d fly to LA. Just kidding (I wish!).



I wasn’t originally planning to write about Kelly Clarkson’s You Can’t Win.  I was thinking of a different song but I was too busy that the days passed by and my love for this song grew stronger that made me post this.

This song is said to be one of Kelly’s favorites and I’m not surprised.  Upon hearing the song I already knew that she wrote it.  Basically, the song is about why we shouldn’t try to please everyone.  It’s like if you’ll do something, you’ll be damned and if you don’t you’ll still be damned.   And it’s the fucking truth.  People will always have different opinions about you.  The question is does this really matter?  Are we here on earth to live a life built on others’ expectations?

It’s actually ironic, when the world clamors for us to be ourselves – yet forces us to be the “selves” that meets the world’s standard of approval.  See how the world is trying to confuse us.  No wonder some people stopped believing on their own.

But I don’t.  I have always been the rebellious type.  I am non-conformist.  I really hated getting an attention.  Being famous and popular wasn’t my priority in life.  I’ve always believed that I don’t need to kiss somebody’s ass to be loved and appreciated.  In fact, I’m a bitch, I’m blunt and I can get away with it.  Actually, there’s a misconception, most people love bitches.   

I guess it’s just matter of finding your right crowd, the crowd who’d get to know you more and accept for what you are.  At least for me, what only matters are the opinions of my loved ones because I know that they have the best interest but again, I’ll just take their inputs and weigh things out then do whatever suits me.  I never meant to live my life under the shadow of somebody else and up to the extent that I’d sacrifice my own happiness and personality. 

Always remember whatever you do with your life is your own decision and you just need to be ready with its consequence.  At the end of the day your own happiness matters not theirs.  So do you still think you need everyone’s acceptance?  I just hope your answer is a resounding – NO!

Finally after two and half years of waiting, Kelly Clarkson finally released her 5th studio album entitled Stronger.  I was actually excited not only because I’m a big fan but it’s also because of her debut single, “Mr. Know it All” sounds very different.  It’s bitchy and resentful with an upbeat sound that makes me want to walk in a catwalk like a model.  It really surprised me and I really loved it instantly so after hearing that I couldn’t expect less from the album.  I know that I’d be surprised and I really hoped that I would.  I couldn’t care less on some of the critics’ comments like it sounded a bit like Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are”.   The song has more to it than just that, a defensive word that a true fan would utter, I guess.

But I’m not the kind of fan who’d follow and read news there is so I’d be that updated.  I also dislike listening and getting leaked songs because I know that she doesn’t want us to hear second-rate quality songs.  I just love her voice and songs and I’m the type who would line-up on a ticket booth just to see her perform live and buy the original record.

Then finally last Tuesday, I was able to hear the deluxe edition of her album.  I know and I’m not proud of it but I had to.  The record isn’t released here yet but once it hits the racks, I’d be the first to buy and that’s for sure.  The deluxe record included earlier hit and collaboration, “Don’t You Wanna Stay” which is a country song, seeing this from the track listing answered my earlier expectation.

And like what a true blue fan would do, I had listened to the album the whole day and enjoyed my favorite artist’s songs and voice.  The album was really good.  It showcased her talent, her voice.  Listening to it made me wish that I could fly to the US soon and in time for her album tour.  I want to hear her live and validate how she sounds like her record. 

The first three tracks were great and I intend to write about one of the songs on a later date.  Though I still think that Breakaway is still her best and still prefer the underrated My December album over this new one.  I just hope that this current album would get the critics’ approval.  I think this record is much better than her fourth which produced a couple of hit songs.

And talking about hits, the title track “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” would certainly be a hit and I’m betting my money on this track.  The song is a true work of an artist coupled with a powerful voice that hits the spot and you would never go wrong with this one.  You’d love it instantly.  At least I did. 

I just love how strong the lyrics are from disproving one’s impression of your so-called breakdown to actually thanking them for paving the way for the new start and helping one see the need to think about the “me” and knowing that the end was actually just the beginning of a greater thing.

I really love the line, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller, doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.”  I know that this really sounds bitter but that’s how it should be.   Sometimes we should let the aggressor realize that the hurt that they have caused us doesn’t make our lives stop but instead it fuels reborn, the realization that life doesn’t end when someone leaves us.

And that’s why I really loved the song because I believe her words.  People will always leave you and the good thing about it is you’d realize that you’re strong enough to survive without them in your life.  And for me there’s nothing wrong with being alone.  I’m a fighter and I believe that happiness is not equated with being in love or having someone.  Happiness is a choice that we embrace in our everyday life and for me that’s the real meaning of love. 

This is one of the reasons why I really love Kelly because I can totally relate with her songs.  After this post I still have to write about another favorite and that’s another story to read.  For now, I’m leaving you with the first single from her current album, Mr. Know It All and if you’ll have the chance to visit a record store don’t forget to grab her album because it’s a truly piece of art.

I’ve tweeted over a week or two ago that I think I’m a love repellant.  Not that I’m being jaded but I was just stating an observation.  I’ve just noticed that I’ve met people and they’ve liked me or so they thought that they like me especially in this age of virtual insanity called internet generation. 

It has turning to be an annoying cycle.  Follower signifies interest. I try to entertain and give it a try.  But along the way, I still end up not getting what I signed for.  And surprisingly, I’m not actually sad with that harsh reality.  Maybe because I’m a bit cynical or my trust issue is bigger than me or maybe I just believe that the time for me to meet someone who’s cut out for me has yet to come. 

I’m not getting any younger and I have no time for games especially when it comes to love.  And I’m very aware of the reality that the internet is the least of all places to look for love.  I think I should have known this better by now.  But please don’t judge me; I’m not looking for love on the internet, it just so happen that I’d get to meet people there.  In fact, I’ve got a couple of good friends whom I’ve met thru it.

Anyway, I wasn’t really thinking of that when I initially drafted this post but despite of that sentiment, I’ve found myself suffering from LSS or the last song syndrome last week and the song is Natasha Bedingfield’s “Put your arms around me”.  The song sounds so positive.  Something that I think I need to listen more often so I’d get to convince myself in believing that love actually exists and it really happens. Ha-ha I’m just kidding!  Now, I think I’m sounded jaded and cynical.

Back to what I was saying, I fell in love with the song not only because it sounds positive but also because it was good.  Who wouldn’t love words like “that original feeling never went away”?  This is what I’m exactly hoping for, a love where the intensity has never faded and changed.  I mean if I were just 15 and I’ve heard of that, I’d probably think that love is something amazing and perfect.  There will no more issues with trust because you’d know once you’ve met your loved one, it will always be there. 

Then the song have these words and it is just right down sweet, “So put your arms around me and then stay there forever, Let it always be this way, you and me together”.  It is as if it’s saying that all you have to do is be with me, be around me, wrap me around your arms and we’ll stay together this way forever.  It is like getting an assurance from someone and it’s important when you’re in a relationship.  I know that saying these things are too idealistic but aren’t we all optimistic especially when it comes to love?

Writing this post made me realize that it’s not bad to keep your hopes high and still believe that love is amazing.  Nobody said that it’s going to be an easy ride but I think experiencing it without getting mishaps or bumps from time to time wouldn’t be realistic.  Besides who would want to a monotonous life?  As they say, variety is the spice of life and so I believe that quarrels is to a love life.

I’m ending my post by sharing the music link to Natasha’s songs with the hope that when the right time comes I can sing and make it an anthem to my love life.  Enjoy!

I’ve noticed that I have this tendency to become too comfortable and play safe.  I’m not into experimentation when it comes to food, movies, clothes and music to name a few.  Well, that was actually few years’ back especially if we will talk about food.  Early last year when I started experimenting with clothes and asked my friend Dru to help me pick out clothes.  The next day I came to work everyone noticed and liked it.  Then I believed that reinventing yourself once in a while is a healthy exercise. 

Then lately, I’ve started using the shuffle function on my iPod classic to give myself a room to listen to other songs and for possible discovery of new favorite songs to play.  Fortunately, I was successful with this task.

The song was gloomy and you can hear it from the artist’s voice. (I don’t know why songs about grief or being broken have a special place in my heart maybe because I can relate with the song’s sentiments.  I’m not sure about it but one thing I’m sure of I really find it appealing.)  You can feel his grief and sadness.  It’s Duncan Sheik and the song is So Gone from the album White Limousine which was released last January 26, 2006 in the US.  Unfortunately, his albums weren’t released in the Philippines to date but luckily, I was able to discover Rasputin Records when I visited the US last March 2009.

Anyway, the song was about someone who disappeared from his loved one’s life.  The first verse signifies that like a child he tried to believe that the love will never go away.  That love was magical and it’s something that we can hold on to.  Then somewhere in their relationship he started to think what’s happening between them.  Where is the magic in love that he used to know, he began to look for satisfaction and happiness.  He wondered how many more nights will he have to try to convince himself that everything’s going to be alright then he faltered and he was gone.    

But in the end, he realized the he was wrong… and he is asking her to love him again.  He wants to be back in her life.  He had thought of everything, wrote songs with only one thing to say… which is to forgive him and wish her to stay with him… 

I really find this kind of song very true because I know that humans are not perfect and they commit mistakes and bad decisions (not that I’m encouraging men to commit mistakes and take someone for granted.)  I’m just saying that we should give people a second chance.  For me it’s a song with about someone asking for forgiveness with the willingness to fight for his love, to start all over and take the risks of being together again…forever.

I’m attaching a YouTube link of the song so you could listen to it and hear what I’ve heard. Enjoy!


There’s no denying that I’m a big Adele fan.  Her voice, tone, delivery is jut spot-on and strong. I really love her to the bones.  If she’ll come here in Manila I wouldn’t be thinking twice to buy a ticket to her concert.  It’s a no-brainer.  She could actually be my one and only. (Just kidding Kelly Clarkson, you’d always be my first love)

Speaking of “One and Only” this is what my post is about.  This is another Adele song that I love.  The song is a simple love song but the voice is coming from someone who has been let down too many times before.  It’s a re-telling of someone who is starting to fall in love with someone.  She knows this even before but refuses to accept that fact because of too much fear from past relationships.  She’s trying to resist the feeling just to protect her from potentially getting hurt again.  But as the days go by she grows fonder and realizes that maybe the other person feels the same way about her.  Finally she gives in and she tries to convince him to take a chance on love.   She knows that it’s not easy to give his heart but their love for each other will make it worthwhile.  She assures him that she’s one who can walk the mile until the end starts.

It’s a song which I can totally relate with looking back at the past year.  This was actually what I was thinking.  I was too afraid to take the risk then when I started to tell him that I’m ready everything changed.  This song made me realize that.  But that’s a closed story now.  I have nothing to elaborate. Ha-ha! 

My only concern with this song is I think the second part is more appropriate to be sung by a guy.  It can actually pass as a duet. The girl who is hesitant and the guy will tell her that it’ll be all worth it.  I hope Adele gets to read this and consider it.  I just hope she won’t say, “Oh crap you didn’t understand what I was trying to point out!”

I’m ending this post by sharing the link of the song.  Adele sounds better live luckily this song has no video yet and I’ve found a good live version. Enjoy! 

I am not a fan of James Blunt but I really liked his first single under his album Some Kind of Trouble which is entitled Stay the Night.  So when I was browsing thru Billboard’s list of albums for 2011, I was reminded of the album so I took my time to listen to the whole album and track number 4 made its mark.  I don’t know what’s with sad lyrics, saying good bye and breaking up that really appeals my taste in music.  Maybe, this is one sentiment that I can totally relate with?  Is it because I’m too used to of being left behind?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not feeling emotional right now by just saying these words.  I’m just stating a fact.  I’m just too comfortable to say it out loud and throwing out these words out in the universe because I simply don’t care if I’d look like vulnerable to some people.  Now, I think I sound jaded by just saying that.

Anyway, I think it’s about time that I write about the song.  Track #4 is So Far Gone, the tempo is a little bit upbeat for a song with a sentiment about breaking up, letting go and giving up.  I can’t really explain why I liked it.  I just did.  Maybe, I was trying to pressure myself to discover a new song to share with friends.  I just want to have a song that would make my friends say, “Oh I first heard it because of you and I liked it” but only because I want to do something for the world, for the music industry just that, not for anything else.

Obviously the song is talking about a relationship that feels like it’s over, but the other party isn’t saying it. And he’s saying that they both know it but too afraid to admit to each other that it’s not working out.  The love was put into question since it cannot be shown by both sides.  They’re too tired of fighting for it and fighting each other. Maybe because it’s hard to let go but being in a relationship with nothing makes it pointless to stay together.  It’s really sad to be in a situation like that because so far gone means the love has left the parties long before they have decided to end it.

Doing this post made me realize that it is the song’s courage and bravery that made me love the song. So I quote these lines, “So I’ll say what you won’t say/ and I’ll take the blame if it is for your sake/ No turning back on what you can’t save/ so far gone/ we’re so far gone.” 

I can just feel how hard it is to let go of something you love and something you can’t save anymore.  It takes a lot of courage to admit and embrace the reality that bites.  To take the higher ground and stop pretending that the love that has been so far gone is yet to be given up.

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