I have always been in love with the theatre.  Back in high school, I have directed our 3 major class plays.  The three major class plays are the following Florante at Laura, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.  Not only have I directed it but I also played a major part because of lack of number of boys in the class to play the part in short, that part is inevitable.

And during my senior year, I was able to audition and be a part of the school theatre guild, unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish the term and I had to prioritize my other extra-curricular activities.

I once dreamed of going into theatre and leaving my corporate life.  But, unfortunately aside from the exchange of wage and security of tenure, I also lack the actual talent to pursue such endeavor.

Anyway, this post is actually about the musical play I have watched last December 6th 2009.  Yeah, this post is really delayed.  I even have one to be drafted and it’s about Sweeney Todd.

These are the things that I’ve learned from watching the musical play “Spelling Bee”:

  • Olive when you interchange the first 2 vowels will spell out, “I love”

This is more of a random fact rather than an actual lesson.


  • Living out someone else’s dreams

It’s always hard to live out of someone else’s expectation like our parents.  I guess, my 3 other siblings were victim of this unfortunately.  It is sad to see them live my father’s dreams and we get to live ours.  But everything has a reason; I just refuse to believe them.


  • Life with fewer expectations.

This one is something that I am doing right now.  It is not only applicable with life but with love as well.  In life/love when you set fewer expectations you get lesser frustrations.  You live to learn, and learn to enjoy everything that comes your way.  It is easier this way.


Spelling bee is really a fun play to watch.  There’s audience participation, too.  It was light and comedic.  I just hope I’ll get to watch more plays this year.  I’d be watching Rent this coming February.


This post is a little short and I’m quite disappointed.  It looks like its just filler.  I hope I can go back to this post again and edit it and make sense.  My apologies friends!