They say that “timing is everything”.  If we were talking about dancing, it is about the rhythm, the synchronizing of the production for the effect.  If we were talking about gags, it would about the instance when you drop the punch line and people start laughing.

This is the second part of A’s journey.

A has been known to have one of the worst timing.  Once, he had his heart broken on his birthday.  For him, there’s no such thing as timing.  If he feels that something needs to be said and done, it has to happen that instance or else if you’ll give him more time to think he’d lose his point.  For him, it is better to be clear and out in the open than assume and wait for something that’s uncertain to happen.  He strongly believes that it is better to leave while he is still in love.  This way he could have closure and possibly keep the friendship.

And just recently it happened again – his heart broken and shattered into pieces.  It was never easy but he had to do what he believes is the best for him and B.  He hates the fact that he had to leave the beautiful friendship behind.  Taking some time off to move on and start again.  Some call it self-preservation, some call it a brave move and he calls it the right to do.

It took him months to convince himself to finally do it.  Had he waited another day, for the perfect timing, nothing will be written today.  And to make it worse, it all happened on the night of heart’s day.

If timing is everything then A will be damned for all eternity.



This is a tradition I’ve started last 2010.  I’ve done a recap of the year that has passed.  A trip down the memory lane, read on bitches!

1.  What did you do in 2012 that you’ve never done before?

  • I’ve performed a spontaneous improvisation theatre with an American cast from Beijing last June 30 during the Manila festival.  I surprisingly enjoyed it despite the fact that I had to perform using a foreign language.

2.  Did you keep your new years’ resolutions and will you make more for next year?

  • I’m not a fan of resolutions but I tried to do a “101 things in 1001 days” but I failed big time.  What I’m planning to do this 2013 is to be spiritually upright and active.  Hopefully I can achieve this so I could be a better person.

3.  Did anyone close to you give birth?

  • Yes my high school best buddy, Annie.

4.  Did anyone close to you die?

  • My dear colleague Edwin.  It was a surprise.  Too bad we didn’t know that he’s been sick for months. 

5.  What country did you visit?

  • None! Stop asking about things that I wished I’ve done last year.

6.  What would you like to have in 2013 that you lacked in 2012?

  • I’m really satisfied with 2012 and I couldn’t ask for more.  Gazillion of blessings were received and I think it is the best year so far but just to answer the question, I guess I would have to say, like last year I’d like to have someone to spend the best day with.

7.  What dates from 2012 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

  • January – I was surprised when my ex-boss called me in her work station and gave me a letter of upgrade.  I was ecstatic for days because I wasn’t expecting that after years of waiting I finally got a job grade change.  Something that I am thankful for until today.
  • 3rd week of January – Traveled to Boracay with my siblings.  This travel is one of the best having spent the week end with them in an island like Boracay is a memory that I won’t forget.  The water sports experience is hilarious.
  • February 29 – Will always be etched in my memory.  It was the day when our CFO called me in her office and announced that I will be assigned on a special project and it will be an open-ended one.  Guess what that special assignment ended up as a permanent one.
  • March 7-10 – Celebrated my birthday in Bohol for the 2nd straight year but this time I was able to convince my friends to come join me welcome my birthday!  It was an experience that I won’t forget.  Had so much fun in the sun plus I was able to go snorkeling on my actual birthday. 
  • March – April – It was one of the most challenging months being just new in the assigned role and the company has shifted to a new system and platform I had no choice but to quickly understand and keep up with the project.  It was fulfilling when the cut-over activities was done.
  • Sometime May – I’ve openly discussed with my manager my fear and frustration with the work situation and the unnecessary anxiety and the battle between going back to the old work assignment and new challenge.
  • July 2nd week – Got a surprise message from someone.  He opened up and shared something personal that I didn’t expect at all.  That day started a relationship that I’m totally thankful for.  It may not be the relationship that I had hoped for but it’s something that worth treasuring.
  • August – My first time to be awake at work for 30 straight hours.  It was all the fault of an incompetent and egoistic manager in the company. 
  • Sometime August – September – It was made known that my boss’ application for my promotion was approved and I just have to fill up several documents to support the pending papers.
  • September 8 – Started a friendly conversation with someone in twitter that ended up becoming a friendship in the long run.  Regular text messages and calls were made.  Having someone around to talk to is very comforting.
  • October 6 – A wedding wizard event shared with my best buddy Pipi.  Her cousin got married and it was a fun experience to share an experience with someone you grew up with and seeing you in an action. It’s like opening another side of me to someone who’ve I known for a long time.
  • October 12-15 – Got the chance to travel with my best buddies, May, Jett and Benson.  I was able to conquer my fear from the 4×4 truck ride at Paoay Sand Dunes.  We traveled far north and enjoyed every minute of it.
  • Mid-November – After 7 years and 2nd good news of the year, I got promoted.  My transfer was made official coupled with a gift.  A blessing that I am most grateful for.
  • November 9 – 12 – Wedding wizards’ first out-of-Luzon event.  This activity wasn’t just an event for us; it was our time to bond and took some time off our busy schedules.
  • December 14 – After realizing that I really missed dancing and doing an activity out-of-the-box I joined our company’s dance group and competed in the annual Christmas party.  It was a very fun experience.  Met lot of new faces and friends along the way.

8.  What was your biggest achievement of the year?

  • I was too lucky to be both upgraded and promoted at work in the same year.  A truly blessed year.

9.  What was your biggest failure?

  • I wasn’t able to continue and complete my 101 things to do in 1001 days.  It started very promising but ended up as a big failure.  I also stopped from blogging due to the work requirements.

10.  Did you suffer illness or injury?

  • No major illnesses and injuries.  I was treated at the emergency room for a mistake I’ve made while cleaning our comfort room in the apartment.  A very stupid mistake.

11.  What was/were the best thing/s you bought?

  • An iPhone.  It complemented my iPad.  Calendars and schedules were made easy to organize.

12.  Where did most of your money go?

  • Amortization of my property and living allowance like food and transportation.

13.  What did you get really, really, really excited about?

  • My promotion.  It was unexpected because the first feedback I’ve heard was the top management didn’t allow it but surprisingly my boss pursued and went thru her ways.

14.  What songs will always remind you of 2012?

  • Terrified by Katharine McPhee and Zachary Levi and Bright Lights and Cityscapes by Sara Bareilles

15.  Compared to this time last year, are you:

  • Happier or sadder? I’m definitely happy and contented.  Happier maybe because my career at work has climbed another level.
  • Thinner or fatter? Definitely THINNER!!! Work stress is the main reason. 
  • Richer or poorer? I’d say RICHER with all the blessings I’ve received last 2012.

16.  What do you wish you’d done more of?

  • Learning how to cook, reading books and writing blogs.

17.  What do you wish you’d done less of?

  • Worrying about work and being stressed out but I can’t help it work just sucks sometimes.

18.  How did you be spend the holidays?

  • Spent it at home with my parents and Philippine-based siblings.  A traditional feast was shared with the family.

19.  Did you fall in love in 2012?

  • No, I didn’t.  What is love anyway? Borrowing the song from the 80s. Ha-ha!

20.  How many one-night stands?

  • Oh, I’m not telling this year.

21.  What were your favorite TV programs this year?

  • Old –  Supernatural,  The Amazing Race and Survivor, Revenge, Parenthood
  • New –  Person of Interest and Castle

22.  Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?

  • I’m happy to say none this year. 

23.  What was the best book you read?

  • Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish a single book.  Hopefully I’ll get to finish one this 2013.

24.  What was your greatest musical discovery?

  • I guess Phillip Phillips the American Idol winner.  I wasn’t able to love and like a new artist last 2012.

25.  What did you want and got?

  • An iPhone and promotion at work.

26.  What were your favorite films of this year?

  • I didn’t watch a single movie in the cinema so I can’t recall much but top of mind would be The Dark Knight Rises, 7 pounds and The Iron Lady.

27.  What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?

  • I went to Bohol with my good friends The Wedding Wizards and this is my 2nd straight year to celebrate it there.  It’s my 33rd birthday and we went snorkeling and spent the rest of the day worshipping the sun. 

28.  What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?

  • Same with last year’s – If I were able to go out of the country and explored a new country.  I’m wanderlust!

29.  What kept you sane?

  • Probably the support of friends around me.  Nothing else would keep me sane.

30.  What political issue stirred you the most?

  • I don’t listen to the news at all.  I don’t give a damn about national issue and how it is being sensationalized in the television.

31.  Who did you miss?

  • My sister.  Being away from her is very hard but good thing technology helps with keeping our communication line open and strong.

32.  Who was the best new person you met?

  • Florence – she’s my boss and I’m really thankful for having an opportunity to work with her.  I think I’ll learn from her a lot.
  • Cathy –she’s a former seat mate at work.  I’m really happy that I was able to be seated beside her that paved the way for me to be close my officemates today.
  • Leah – she’s really fun to be with.  We can talk about everything.  I’m really honored that she has shared personal
  • Ron, Oline and Sarah – my small support group.  I’m so happy and proud of my team.
  • Glen aka Khiko Monster – from a twitter follower to a constant person I exchange messages with and person that I get to talk with for at least once a week

33.  Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2012:

  • One has to learn how to accept new challenges in life and take everything you’ve learned from the past and make it as a guide to be successful
  • Life is about going out-of-the-box, out-of-the-ordinary and out-of-the-comfort zone.  Life is about taking risks and making things happen.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 49,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 11 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

They say that women have a very reliable instincts, I say I believe that women are more than just their instincts.  People should develop proper judgment as this ability is often used on a daily basis.  It is one of the most important skills people should have.  Before we make any life changing decision, we carefully analyze and weigh things.  That is what we call sound judgment.  No one wants jumping into something that they are not prepared for and one cannot just rely on their instincts.

I’m not saying that those who believe in their instincts are of a lower kind, I’m just saying that those who rely only on their instincts are probably missing something. 

Judgment is not only used for decision making, we also use it when dealing with people.  One should not quickly judge someone based on their impression or observation unless you have the power of prophecy that’s the power of Apollo you have – good on you! I can’t argue with that.  What I’m trying to say is we should all be fair and give each other a chance to be heard and get to know them.

Bottom line, God gave us the freewill and we should use it properly.  Again, unless you are saying that you are one of the Gods then I cannot argue with that.  But for commoners like me for a more peaceful and harmonious environment one should be democratic at the very least.  It won’t hurt you anyway.  Be as objective as possible and respectful of others, I think that’s just fair.

And like what Ralph Waldo Emerson has said, “Trust your instinct to the end, though you can render no reason.”  I guess we can use our instinct as a guide or protection but let’s not stop from taking the risk just because we are too quick to judge that we actually forgot to exercise the right steps in reaching the conclusion.

I’m a happy person and I’ve always enjoyed watching comedy movies and shows.  I have a high respect with comedians because I really find them witty and having a comic timing is a talent that not everyone possesses.

It was last year when my friend Jay-r invited us to watch an improvisation act.   It was foreign sounding to me so I immediately accepted the invite and two other friends Rhix and Ray joined us.

It was the time I got introduced to SPIT Manila or Silly People’s Improv Theatre, the country’s premiere improvisational theatre troupe.  It differs from the usual stand-up comedy routines as its performances fully involve the audience.  They perform scenes, songs and games completely based on audience suggestions just like in the show “Whose line is it anyway?”

And last June 30th we came back to watch the show as SPIT Manila’s celebrating their 10th year and they staged a Manila festival to showcase different talents in the country and neighboring countries in Asia like China and Taiwan and as far as USA.

Right before the show started my friends and I were discussing that maybe we should try auditioning.  Its non-conventional act and spontaneity really appealed to me and made me think that doing an improv should be put in my bucket list.

And you wouldn’t believe just before the 2nd act finished I just found myself rushing to the stage and volunteered myself to perform with the Beijing improv cast notwithstanding that they are all Americans (I think), I’m doing it for the first time and in a foreign language.  What was I thinking?

But at the end of the show, I had so much fun.  I was really fortunate that the audience was very appreciative and they really know how to give credit to the performers.  But I think foreigners are more appreciative than Filipinos.

Forgive me but I’m sharing the link and proof that I can be crazy even if I’m not drunk.  Hope you’ll like it.  Go away!



Some say that opportunity knocks only once and that thought has been bugging me for days that turned into weeks now.  I’ve been trying my best to be ready for it.  I mean, today nothing has been declared yet but I can feel that everything will be laid down soon.  I asked for it.  I don’t want to make a wrong decision and have consulted a lot of friends about this.  From where I am standing right now, it feels like I’m on the crossroads.  There are a lot of things that I have to weigh and consider.

  • Opportunity – This is an opportunity that I should take.  It is career advancement for crying out loud. 
  • Financial Return – Though I don’t exactly know how much is the translated increase still it will be an additional that I didn’t foresee.  Not to mention that it would be the third time this year, how lucky can I get, right?
  • Time – This is where it gets tricky.  I thought I would be done with the long hours of working and weekends would be spent at home or other activities I may have.  Staying longer hours in the office seems to be a trade-off that I couldn’t just deal with.
  • Environment – This is what I fear most, the turnover of employee in the department has been really crazy and a little bit disheartening.  Aside from this, once I take this I’ll be working for a bunch of Gods and Demi-Gods of the present. 

See there are lots at stake on the table.  I’ve not included the comfort zone factor as this would mean that I’m still immature.  I’ve also excluded the fact that I won’t get to see someone on a daily basis that used to be the fuel of inspiration to my day-to-day struggle of going to work.

Right from the start there is an obvious choice, a choice that I have been in-denial of.  And at the end of the day, obviously there’s no more question to what the decision would be.  It is just a matter of time and formality until I’d take this new challenge and assignment.  It is a smart and the right thing to do. 

Come this August, I’ll be celebrating my 11th year in the company and this would be a great gift from the company.  I’ve always considered myself as lucky for being in the right place and at the right time.  And in return with the right attitude, I try my best to be the best and give my full devotion in helping the management carry-out and achieve the company’s objectives.

I just hope that with this opportunity I won’t have to sacrifice the so-called work-life balance that I previously have with my former job assignment.  But nonetheless, management, I thank you for this opportunity.  Cheers!

Couples break up for a lot of reasons some fall out of love, some have misunderstandings and fight, some have unapproving parents and these are just some of the reasons why it makes loving such a tragic story.  And as they say when couples break up nobody breaks even.  There’s always someone who is more hurt and damaged.  And one could only wish that we wouldn’t be the one left crying in the dark. 

Break up is one of the darkest stages a person could ever go through his life.  If one has never experienced it they’re probably lucky or not have been loved at all.

But you know what I hate about break ups aside from the hurt; it is the washing of the dirty laundry.  It is okay to feel sad and mourn for the lost of a relationship. But with today’s technology, it is very convenient for someone to blame a relationship’s failure to the other party.  Worse is to do it out loud for the whole universe to hear, analyze and judge.  People forget that their relationship is between the two persons who know the whole story.  I get it, when people are hurt we need someone to talk to, share our frustrations and worries but it doesn’t give us the right to put someone out there defenseless.

I just believe that these issues should be discussed by the parties.  When we signed up with love breaking up was one of the risks that we took with it.  I know that it is ideal to end up a relationship in an amicable manner but when it ends and you can’t resolve the issues anymore, you deal with it then move on.

I know that this is easier said than done but nobody said that it can’t be done.  One should bear this in his mind before he enters into a relationship called love that there are seasons of love.  Happiness and sadness will be both present when you’re in love and that’s the reality one should be ready with.  And when the going gets tough one should be ready to face it, it is inevitable and it doesn’t always have to end badly. 

But when it ends badly, here are some tips that I think you should do.  Surround yourself with real friends, whom you can count on, build a support system.   Stay away from the internet, if you can go somewhere far go pack your bags and make that trip.  Lastly, take a time off love if you must.  Love yourself and prepare for the next one.

I wrote this post for a friend who is one of the strongest women I’ve known.  I know that you’re dealing with a lot of stuff right now but I know that you’ll pass through this stage with flying colors.  Hang on there! We love you.

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