“I’m happy to tell you that this is a pre-determined non-elimination leg and you are still in the race”.   If you were in Amazing race and hearing these lines from Phil Keoghan would certainly be, the sweetest line ever. 

But I’m not a believer of giving someone a second chance and I’ve just proven myself that.  I really have a very terrible sense of trusting someone who has hurt me especially when they’re clueless why I’m hurt and totally not apologetic and sincere with making amends.

I tried to think things over the past few weeks, gathered hundreds of opinions about giving someone a second chance.  Again like what my friends tell me, I’m like Charlotte York of Sex and the City for doing this but this is what I am.  I rationalize and weigh things before making decisions that I’ll later on regret in life.  Well, I’m just like this because I guard my feelings, I don’t want to enter another emotional roller coaster ride.  But, I really tried.  I even told this person that I’m willing to go out-of-the-box this time just as long as we’d do our best to make things work out for us.

The only thing that I asked of is an open communication which encompasses honesty and full disclosure.  You have to understand why I laid out this because we’re talking about leaving the things behind, starting anew and avoiding things that happened before.  I think we owe each other this and I strongly believe that we should practice what we have learned from previous mistakes.  In life, we call it maturity.  I know that it’s a risk worth taking.  The relationship will only work out if both of us are willing to do it and if we’ll help each other out.

I was clear.  If you know me, that’s one thing I am.  I have always been clear.  I don’t believe in grey areas and I hate reading minds and guessing games.  I just don’t waste someone’s time.  Time is so precious and I respect it.

But unfortunately, things didn’t work out.  I just didn’t see enough reasons for me to fight for it.  I don’t even feel that he’s really serious about what we have talked about.  It’s like I’m longing for something that he can’t give.  I guess we’re standing on different grounds.  I’m not mad or angry but I’m just taking the right step and I’ll be firm with my decision.

It hurts when your guts say go for it but you’d end up re-offended by a re-offender.  Listen to another Travis’ song and you’ll get what I mean.



I have been a loyal fan of reality shows.  I was influenced by my friend Erick.  He would always tell me that this kind of shows are nice to watch because it uses mind strategies and physical strength that he thinks and believes that I lack of.  He would always belittle me and my capabilities as a joke but I think it was half meant. 


You know when some people tend to be a little threatened of what you can do and hide that fact by distracting or challenging you; Erick is a classic example of it.  I am a very slim guy, my physical strength can really be questioned but wait until you see me do things that you think I wouldn’t do I can assure I most probably have done it.  And I quote “Looks could really be deceiving”.  Plus, let me not discount the fact that I am such an obsessive compulsive in games like these.


And as a habit I would usually tune in on every possible time it is being shown.  I don’t care if I have watched it twice or thrice for as long as it is a reality show I wouldn’t mind seeing it over and over again.


I have seriously considered joining in Amazing Race Asia.  My friend and kaps Trina will be my partner in the race.  We both love traveling and have traveled together some many times to count.  We haven’t really talked about the strategies that much yet but we have delegated some tasks already.  I will be the assigned driver, and I just hope that we won’t be driving a stick or else, we’d lose.  Trina will swim for me since we have previously proved that swimming (though it is one of my favorite things to do) would tantamount to – me visiting the nearest hospital.  Trina would navigate for us, I can probably help on the maps as well and we’d use our charm to find the pit stop, road blocks and clue boxes.  I just hope that we can come up with an interesting audition tape in time for the next season.


Well, since I am talking about this dream of joining, I might as well discuss and share what I think about the latest season of Amazing Race Asia. 


Of course, needless to say I am supporting the Philippine team composed of Geoff and Tisha even though I don’t really like the total disregard Geoff have for Tisha.  But, being a Filipino I can’t help but to root for them plus, Tisha is too sweet and nice and she shouldn’t be punished for having Geoff as a partner.  I am really glad that on the latest episode they have finished 3rd place.  Their best finish so far was the first leg in Thailand that they ranked 2nd after losing to Mai & Oliver over paper, rocks and scissors in determining who’d go first to step on the mat at the pit stop.  I have adored them for being fair and having the right attitude in acknowledging the other team’s help and contribution to their success on that leg.  I am also giving Geoff a credit for realizing lately that Tisha is important and she is more important to him than winning the race.


Aside from that, I also like the Malaysian team composed of Tania & Ida.  I have loved them since 2nd episode.  I can see the loyalty of a friend from both of them.  I admire how they try to enjoy every moment and do their very best in every leg.  I love their perky attitude.  They made me laugh and realize that they are still human when they have given priority of their hunger over going on with the race and beating the hell of the pack.  They are just to true that I really love them for that.  It would be the first time that I wouldn’t feel bad about the Philippines not winning in a contest.  But, too bad they ended up the last team to arrive this week and fortunately, it is a predetermined non-elimination leg.  The bad thing about it is on the next leg, they will have no money to spend.  I just hope that they’d make their way up to the finals and with the Philippine team, too of course.


I just hope that I’d get the chance to join the race.  And when that time comes I hope that I would be able to overcome my fear of heights, enjoy the race and at least be on top for 1 leg if not on the last leg. Ha-ha!  I am really addicted to Amazing race!  What a bummer!