With the disappointment on the outcome of 2010 American Idol and departure of judge Simon Cowell; I didn’t try to watch the season 10.  But this year I gave it a try, I’ve told myself that there’s nothing wrong with trying besides I’ve wanted to discover new artists for 2012.  I’ve just realized I didn’t get to discover new songs and artist for 2011. 

Funny thing is I actually didn’t watch the first few episodes which are the auditions.  I just listened to it while I was doing other stuff example; I’ve sorted puzzle pieces, wrote blog posts or listened while working from home that was the routine.  I thought that it was the best time to multi-task and it worked.  Came the Hollywood episodes then I started to put my attention to the show.

That was the time I started to come up with my artists to watch for.  And I’ve got at least 2 bets that I’d know would go straight to the 24.  One was Reed Grimm, I think he’s a Taylor Hicks incarnate.  Unfortunately, he didn’t make it to the final 12 which became 13. 

I actually hated having the final 13.  For me having an extra person compromised the actual concept of the show and what made it worst I think they’ve picked the wrong idols like Deandre and Jeremy. Ha-ha!

Anyway, what really made my AI viewing worth my time is the discovery of Phillip Phillips.  I have to admit his looks sealed the deal.  He reminds me of someone close to my heart.  Oops, enough of the sexy thoughts, back to writing the post. Ha-ha!

I’m hoping that he’d win the title but knowing my history the only bet I had that won was Carrie Underwood.  All my bets placed 2nd or 3rd.  I just hope that Phillip would break that curse.  What I really love about him is his individuality.  There’s no single song he performed that I actually recognized.  He made it his own.  Well, some of his songs are too old that I don’t really know but that’s beside the point.  What fears me is his idealism.  I know that he just wants to be there to share his talents but in a contest like American Idol where you get votes and up against artists, who are also good or even better, it pays to be out of your comfort zone and try something new and out-of-the-box that will totally leave the audience awed.  Good thing is he doesn’t sound cocky whenever he defends his song choice or fashion sense.  I just hope that he’d perform something that would overshadow the talent and performance of other idol hopefuls.

And lately I’m beginning to love Elise and Colton it’s more of a back up bets but I don’t think that they’d made it to the finale.  I’m just saying.  I really love the trio’s performance of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks’ performance 3 weeks ago.  I’d watch this clip at least once a day that’s how impressed I am with the performance.  Good thing I’ve found a high quality link in YouTube that I can share with you.  Enjoy!

I just really hope that he’d win.  For now that’s my wish for 2012 and if he makes it to the finale, I’d fly to LA. Just kidding (I wish!).





This season’s American Idol Top 5 is the best set ever in my opinion from the past 6 years of watching the show.  The Top 5’s vocal ability is amazing and remarkable.  This is the first time that I have watch the show (as I can recall) that regardless of who sings, I find really worth watching.  The remaining 5 (and as of writing this post, the last 4) are the best from the pack.


And this week’s performance of Allison Iraheta reminded me of Pink.  She has the same tone as hers.  The rough rocky sound makes me convince that I am really going to root for her.  For me, she really deserves to win.  I know Adam, Danny and Kris have more fans and I’d be surprised if Allison will make it to the Top 2.  I think she’ll be the next to go and I would definitely have my heart soaked in tears if that happens.


But I am not losing hope especially after this week’s bottom three.  I strongly believe that it is still anybody’s ball game with what had happened.  It is sad to see Matt go, I just always find myself a little teary eyed whenever I see him.  Maybe because I know he has the talent and it is just so frustrating to see him go and the drama of being saved left a mark on me. Ironically, I don’t actually like him.


Anyway, I am posting a youtube link of Allison’s performance this week, singing “Someone to watch over me” like Kara said if this performance wouldn’t make Allison be in the front running and be in the finals, I don’t know what will.


Perhaps, voting fans in the America should really reconsider the talent of this kid.  Enjoy and please do vote for her! 


This post is really late because I have no time to seat and write these stuffs.  I have a lot of things going on my mind and I do intend to write about it in the next coming days or else like my other ideas, it will die with injustice.

Anyway, I was never delayed in watching television series.  I am the kind who would really adjust the schedule for these things.  But lately, since things are really busy while I am enjoying my last few days of vacation and with the online viewing or series being recorded thru DVRs, I am changing for a while.

Besides, I’d be back to my old self in a week’s time.

Anyway, I am just sharing my American Idol bets for this season.  First is Allison Iraheta, I have always loved Kelly Clarkson and the first time I’ve heard her sing during the Top 36, I decided that she’d be my 1st in the list.

Allison Iraheta

Allison Iraheta


My next bet is Danny Gokey, I saw him during the audition and I loved his soul and he’s cute, too.  Okay, I’m just being honest.  He looks good and it is one of his assets.  Period!

Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey


My third bet is Megan Corkrey, I really love her sound.  It reminds me of Duffy and Amy Winehouse, I just love the tone and the attitude while singing.  She looks professional.

Megan Corkrey

Megan Corkrey


My last bet is Alexis Grace, well it isn’t obvious yet but I really love girls with powerful voice.  I loved her during the top 36.  That was the first time that I’ve heard her.  I wasn’t able to see her during the auditions.

Alexis Grace

Alexis Grace


For the past seasons, I have never guessed the right person.  I just do hope that any of these four makes it to the top 2 if they don’t win the title.

I just can’t wait to see the beginning of the competition, I hope this season will show case more talents than ever.




It’s American Idol Season again.  My pick for this season is Danny Gokey.  I am rooting for him not because of pity because his wife died recently and also not because I find him cute. (Hmmm, I’m not so sure with this yet haha!)  But I like him because I love his soulful voice.


I’m sharing this link so you can check him out.  I just wish that he’ll make it to the Top 12 so I can see how he’ll turn out.