I am officially starting my cookies business. 

Yes my love for cookies and my hobby of baking has turned me to sell them while I’m enjoying. 


I am calling this as Mr. Perk’s Monster Cookies.


I am accepting orders especially this season.  If you are someone who wants to give gifts but on a tight budget I have the answer to your needs.


Here’s my pricelist.  

Variant Size Pcs/pack Cost
Walnut Regular 6 50
Choco chips Regular 6 60
Chocowalnut Regular 6 70
Walnut Bite 12 30
Choco chips Bite 12 40
Chocowalnut Bite 12 50
Walnut Bite 15 40
Choco chips Bite 15 50
Chocowalnut Bite 15 60



Here are the pictures of my cookies.





I am  a cookie monster.   

I love cookies so much. 


I believe it started when I fell in love with Chip’s Ahoy.


I can even recall I’d ask my mom for a cookie jar as a Christmas gift but I don’t remember getting one. 


I have always wanted to learn how to bake one so I’d have some whenever I want some.  My love for cookies didn’t stop from buying and eating it, I’ve yearned to find out how it is prepared, baked then eaten. 


But I have always been lazy until year 2006 when the flour business in the company launched premixes for siopao, brownies and yes, you have guess it right… cookies!


The minute I’ve heard about it, I planned in buying an oven for our house.  I disguised it as a present for then upcoming birthday of my mom.  And she correctly suspected the real idea.  Well, what can I do, she knows me too well. What a bummer! Ha-ha!


Then when everything seems to be perfect and aligned, I tried the premixes and it was really fun! 


The thought of eating my own baked cookies came to life.  But, like every happy story there is a twist part, after a few tries, I got bored and got too busy with my work.  I stopped from baking cookies.  Aside from that, I felt like there was a part that was missing and I think it was the challenge part.  Sorry, don’t get me wrong but the cookies tasted great!  But I am looking for more.


So here I am after weeks of researching for the best cookie tips, recipes and techniques, I have found myself baking it out from scratch.  I have managed to do everything from preheating of oven, to buying the ingredients in the grocery store, preparing the mixer, bowls, cups and spoons.  I survived the very gruesome mixing of the dry, then liquid ingredients.  I even bought new wares like cooling rack, extra cookie plate or whatever they call it.  It was really harder than using the premix but it was certainly more fulfilling.


But it was all worthy! As they say no pain, no gain!  And what better way to end this post but to share with you virtually my first own-baked-out-of-the-scratch cookies!  Enjoy!


when they were younger pics

when they were younger pics


the not-so tempting finished products

the not-so tempting finished products


the first bite is the deepest

the first bite is the deepest