Have you ever had the feeling of opening a box and seeing anything but what you’ve expected? Or not getting something you’ve been promised?  

Disappointment is a psychological result, it is a subjective response related to the anticipated rewards.  Some people recover quickly, others mire in frustration or blame and worst some become depressed.

Okay I’ll give you an example and explain why I came up with the exact opening statement.  I just found out over the week end that ABC just cancelled Brothers and Sisters.  I know that series end, shows end.  Ending is like death it is inevitable.  I am fully aware of that but what’s disappointing is how it came to an end and how it ended.  It’s like 2007 again when The CW Television decided to end Gilmore Girls.

These shows have been loved because of the story line, rapport of the casts and effective acting.  It’s just really saddening to see these shows end.  I say yes it matters how long a show has been there but getting a good and memorable ending is something the fans deserve.  It’s called giving justice to the show itself, its existence.

Seeing the news about Brothers and Sisters’ cancellation has been my major disappointment last week.  It has overtaken two frustrating situations in my life lately, one is my failure to attend my youngest brother’s wedding and the second one is being sick for days. 

Again, some people recover quickly, others mire in frustration and some even gets depressed.  It’s been 4 years now since Gilmore Girls ended and I can still feel the frustration maybe with Brothers and Sisters’ cancellation, I can try being depressed this time. Nah, I’m just kidding ha-ha.  I’m ending my post with a heavy heart; I just need to remind myself of this so I’m posting this video.



I’ve been busy the past two weeks with the following things.  Finally, I’m doing something concrete at work, it’s a welcome change and I’m not complaining at all.  Then two weeks ago I’ve attended a wedding and just this week end I went to travel outside Luzon for rest and recreation.  Aside from this, I’ve been addicted to the US shows and all of them have premiered last September. 

Joining the long list (Brothers & Sisters, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Supernatural and Glee) of my shows is Hell Cats.  At first, I wasn’t really planning to watch it for the reason that I don’t want to be hooked and I want to devote more time for reading and doing jigsaw puzzles.  But out of curiosity I checked it out and now it’s too late for me to walk away because I think and I’m sure I’ll like it more than Glee since the story is about dancing and dancing is my first love.  Aside from that, it is a CWTV show and I’ve been a loyal follower of their shows from Gilmore Girls to One Tree Hill to Supernatural and I have only good words for these shows.

Anyway, the series is based on the book Cheer: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders by journalist Kate Torgovnick and is described as “Election meets Bring It On”. Actor Tom Welling teamed with Kevin Murphy to executive produce the series, which was initially given the name Cheer.  The story is about Marti Perkins, a pre-law college student at Lancer University, who lost her scholarship and has no other choice but to join the college’s cheer squad, the Hellcats, in order to maintain it.  While the squad is also having problems themselves because they need to win the nationals otherwise the cheer leading program will be cut.  (Source Wikipedia)

Being under CWTV, I can only expect that this series will not be just an ordinary show.  I know that conflicts will be greatly tackled.  One will be about the mother-daughter relationship and another will be about peers.  Now, as I’m writing it I’ve just realized that I have compromised my planned time for reading books and doing my puzzles once again but I know that this will be worth it.


Finally I’ve heard (read) good news.  Supernatural will be back for its 6th season.  The past few weeks have been really bad for me but I’m not complaining.  And I really needed to hear positive news so it’d start a new thread in my life.  At least that’s the hope.  Anyway, read the good news here if you are a loyal follower of CWTV shows.  (Click it here)



Fall Season premiere of CWTV shows have been announced and I’ve been waiting for this for months.


The return of my favorite show Supernatural will be on 10th of September.  And a new show Vampire Diaries will complete the new line-up of Thursday nights!  Vampire Diaries, this new show focuses on the battle between two Vampire brothers – one good, one evil – who compete for the love of the same young woman.

vd logo 

And of course, I can’t wait for the return of Supernatural and see what will happen after Lilith’s death, Ruby’s betrayal and Lucifer’s Rising.  The seal has been officially opened by Sam.  The premièring season is said to be the last for Supernatural.  It’s 5th for the show.  And thinking about it makes me feel sad because it’ll tantamount to not seeing Dean for another season.  No more thrills! 


Anyway, but what keeps me excited is the fact that how will the season and the show will end, considering that they’d be faced to battle Lucifer this season.  I’m beginning to wonder how the story will go.  I’m also excited to see Jim Beaver who plays Bobby Singer.  Will Castiel still be there to help them fight the evil Lucifer?


Bottom line, I just can’t wait and I just hope that this season will be like the other seasons that will continually make me happy and thrilled all at the same time! And I want a full season of Dean Winchester! haha!