I’ve noticed that I have this tendency to become too comfortable and play safe.  I’m not into experimentation when it comes to food, movies, clothes and music to name a few.  Well, that was actually few years’ back especially if we will talk about food.  Early last year when I started experimenting with clothes and asked my friend Dru to help me pick out clothes.  The next day I came to work everyone noticed and liked it.  Then I believed that reinventing yourself once in a while is a healthy exercise. 

Then lately, I’ve started using the shuffle function on my iPod classic to give myself a room to listen to other songs and for possible discovery of new favorite songs to play.  Fortunately, I was successful with this task.

The song was gloomy and you can hear it from the artist’s voice. (I don’t know why songs about grief or being broken have a special place in my heart maybe because I can relate with the song’s sentiments.  I’m not sure about it but one thing I’m sure of I really find it appealing.)  You can feel his grief and sadness.  It’s Duncan Sheik and the song is So Gone from the album White Limousine which was released last January 26, 2006 in the US.  Unfortunately, his albums weren’t released in the Philippines to date but luckily, I was able to discover Rasputin Records when I visited the US last March 2009.

Anyway, the song was about someone who disappeared from his loved one’s life.  The first verse signifies that like a child he tried to believe that the love will never go away.  That love was magical and it’s something that we can hold on to.  Then somewhere in their relationship he started to think what’s happening between them.  Where is the magic in love that he used to know, he began to look for satisfaction and happiness.  He wondered how many more nights will he have to try to convince himself that everything’s going to be alright then he faltered and he was gone.    

But in the end, he realized the he was wrong… and he is asking her to love him again.  He wants to be back in her life.  He had thought of everything, wrote songs with only one thing to say… which is to forgive him and wish her to stay with him… 

I really find this kind of song very true because I know that humans are not perfect and they commit mistakes and bad decisions (not that I’m encouraging men to commit mistakes and take someone for granted.)  I’m just saying that we should give people a second chance.  For me it’s a song with about someone asking for forgiveness with the willingness to fight for his love, to start all over and take the risks of being together again…forever.

I’m attaching a YouTube link of the song so you could listen to it and hear what I’ve heard. Enjoy!



Last weekend I was off for a drive and I have decided to put my IPod on shuffle.  I’m not a fan of random stuffs since I want to listen to an organized playlist but I still tried anyway.

Glad that I tried that because while doing so I came across Duncan Sheik’s Genius from the “Daylight” album and reminded me of something that I want right now.

The song simply means when you need to ask for forgiveness to your special someone then do.  If you are sorry and you want to continue everything and don’t want to risk losing everything then what are you waiting for?  Just be sincere and ensure that you won’t do it again. 

And, the geniuses being referred to and mirrored on the contrary are us, poor lovers who can’t seem to know what else to do but to love.

But these lines are sucker,

“You don’t really need to know every last detail.

It’s hardly worth telling

Suffice to say I said that I would be there”

Actually you can have another take on this, like me, (strictly on the lines above only) this is my actual dilemma right now.  I am not asking for too much, I don’t even need to know every little detail I don’t even want to hear that he’ll be there when I need him to.  I don’t need any reassurance but what I want is to feel it that he wants it that way and he’ll just be.  As simple as that but I know it’s something far from what can be done.

Anyway, I’m just sharing this link from MTV Philippines Live, Genius is the 2nd song.  I miss Duncan Sheik I hope I can watch him perform live again and I’m targeting it on May.


Clearly I’m a genius

If she only knew it

But somewhere in her radius

I really blew it

I know, I know what I said to her

And I know what I did

What I don’t know is how I could ever be

So incredibly stupid





[You don’t really need to know every last detail.

It’s hardly worth telling

Suffice to say I said that I would be there

I never came through]



Maybe I’m a genius and

She just don’t see it

I fronted,

I should have admitted,

She saw right through it

I never thought that I could be

So underhanded.

Somehow I’ve cornered the market on

The double standard




For this act of genius

And so many others

I know I should apologize

And see how it goes


What am I waiting for?

Come on, come on, come on, come on


Sha la la la la la sha la la la la la la la


To all of the geniuses…



I was supposed to watch Duncan Sheik last February in San Francisco perform his work from the play Spring Awakening.  Unfortunately, I just arrived 2 days away from the performance and my schedule didn’t permit me to see the show.  I felt bad about that because I am a big fan and I really wanted to see him on stage again.

That’s why when I saw from a friend’s tweet that there’ll be a Philippine production of the award-winning play, I immediately convinced my friends to watch it with me.  I even called the production (Atlantis) and asked if Duncan will be coming over and what play date would it be then.  I even offered financial help just to ensure that he’ll make it to one of the play dates but unfortunately, there’s a conflict on his schedule.

Lo and Behold, I was able to buy orchestra seats of which I believe wasn’t a smart idea since the play was held at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium in RCBC Plaza.  If I only knew that it was relatively small place I could have gotten a ticket 3 back rows away from our purchased seats.

But prior to watching it last October 11, the show was cancelled twice.  We were to watch it originally last September 26th when it was cancelled due to the storm Ondoy and was rescheduled but was called off again due to super typhoon Pepeng last October 3rd.

And as they say all’s well that end’s well.

Now, I’m ready to do my review.

The play opened with Wendla (female lead) singing “Mama Who Bore Me” and I instantly loved her.  I think the actress sang better than the one from the original cast as I have heard it through the soundtrack.  But it isn’t just the thing that I liked from the opening, the part where she asked and forced her mother to explain where do babies come from really cracked me up.  Her mother’s reply to it was this, “to conceive a child a woman must love her husband with all of her heart”.  The delivery was perfect!

Prior to watching the play, I have already expected that the tone of the play is quite serious and exploratory.  But I was wrong not to think that the plot can also be comedic and hilarious.

Another proof of this observation is right after the dramatic scenes from the funeral of Moritz and Melchior’s expulsion from school, a comedy-relief scene followed immediately, where Hanschen was just sharing his thoughts about life to his classmate Ernst that ended up with him seducing the latter.  What cracked me up isn’t the fact about the gay relationship but the song that was played which is “The Word of Your Body Reprise”.  It is the reprise version of the so-called love song of the main characters Wendla and Melchior.

I strongly believe that it’s effective to do a comic approach on serious matters.  The method that Frank Wedekind used to send the message is clever.  Another example is the reprise of the first song that showed the young girls’ frustration over the lack of knowledge presented to them.  And it was orchestrated in a very unconventional approach, this time with a more serious tone coupled in an alternative rock melody with a freestyle dance moves that at times look silly and funny but will totally catch your attention.

The theme was really heavy, it talked about issues on education and what is being offered to the children, the lack of presentation of facts, and the overly conservative feel of joining boys and girls in one institution and of course, the adolescent’s yearning for the truth about life.   The play was dominantly serious but comical.  And I liked it that way.  Besides, as part of the audience, the reason why I wanted to watch a performance is to be entertained and the least is to be bored and unsatisfied.

Looking at the stage design before the start, I’ve find it too simple but it didn’t stop the audience to feel and imagine where the scene is during the play.  Besides the play can stand alone and capitalize on the good plot.  No need to be extravagantly designed.

Though one thing that can still be improved is Nicco Manalo’s performance who played as Moritz.  His performance as an actor was fine and convincing but there were times that he went flat and unfortunately he got most of the rock alternative sound parts of the play that I think wasn’t given a total justice.  There were even at least three times that I’ve thought he’d run out of breathe and wish that I can help him out.

But that didn’t ruin the experience especially with Nar Cabrico’s powerful voice which is for me is the best among the male actors.  Male lead Joaquin Valdes’ performance was also superb.  Loved his dance moves during the “Totally Fucked” act and I’ve felt his sadness and feelings with his rendition of “Left Behind”.  Emotions are pouring as you could see it in his eyes.

Aside from the wonderful interpretation of female lead Kelly Lati, I also liked Bea Garcia who played Ilse.  Her voice was really strong and you could feel her angriness when she sang her part on “The Dark I Know Well” and I had goose bumps when she opened the very beautiful “The Song of Purple Summer”.

Over-all I’m more than satisfied, watching this show and it made me think of watching the actual play in Broadway.  I really love how Frank made the playwright and the collaboration of Steve Sater and Duncan Sheik was truly genius.    The orchestration and score was really superb.  Hope I didn’t sound too biased since I’m a big Duncan Sheik fan but I may really say that this is one show that you shouldn’t miss.  Despite the heavy theme, there’s a promise of new tomorrow.  Ending it with “The Song of Purple Summer” was really perfect.  With the amount of drama about life as it was discussed and a reminder to the audience that there’s always hope that we can cling into will truly uplift you at the end of the show.

The Philippine production even ended it with a bang as they re-performed by favorite act from the show which is the “Totally Fucked” song.  I’ve searched for videos of the song and I’ve found one from the original cast as they were touring UCLA and another rendition by a high school thespian which is truly worth watching.  Hope you’ll like this song.

I never thought that planning to run for a marathon will be this hard. 

First, you have to wake up early in the morning and sleep early so you’ll get a good rest and be properly energized for the morning jog/run.  Second, I’m really lazy doing the proper before and after stretching procedures.  Lastly, based from the program that I am following the only easy part of it is the 5 minutes walk and everything from the alternate 60-second jog and 90-second walk for 20 to 30 minutes isn’t making my legs have the time of its life.

But I know these are just birth pains, and eventually as the program says that in 6 weeks time I can run the marathon and be ready like a true sports enthusiast.

Plus, this endeavor is a nice way for me to bond with my parents.  Both of them walk a couple of meters every morning so I’ve decided that it is perfect opportunity for me to pursue this activity.

Aside from that benefit, it is also good for my health.  Though, being fit isn’t really my priority but unfortunately my cholesterol level says that I should be on strict low fat diet and I don’t want to do this when it’s already too late.

Anyway, there a lot of ways to make running fun and one of these is to have your music play list that will perk you up and get your bones off the field.  Well my play list is a combination of Duncan Sheik and Kelly Clarkson songs.  I love to run with strong vocals and up beat tempo.  

And as of the moment the top on my list is Kelly Clarkson’s I do not Hook Up so I’m sharing the link of its video and maybe if you’ll run or you’re running already this song can be a part of your own play list, too.  Haha!



Whisper house CD cover

Whisper house CD cover


I’ve been a big Duncan Sheik fan since I’ve watched him in a concert year 2001.  Since then, I’ve bought all of his albums but unfortunately starting 2006’s his album White Limousine wasn’t launched in Asia and his other works.

So when my flight to US was finalized, I immediately looked for his tour schedule.  I was lucky because he has a tour schedule near my sister’s place but unfortunately not lucky enough because we have an event the following day of his concert night.  We’d be too busy and it is not probable for me to see him.

So I just told myself that I’d just find a good music store and buy his CDs then.  But then again luck isn’t on my side I looked for a couple of stores and it wasn’t a success.  Not until I went out with my high school barkada Thea, Elmer and Pianne, who’ve introduced me to Rasputin Music Record store. Click here to know more about the record bar that made me happy all week long.

And a funny thing (well, for me at least) it was a perfect birthday gift for me since that time was actually my Philippine time birthday.  I was able to find two Duncan Sheik CDs, the greatest hits album Brighter and a 2009 newly released album Whisper House.  So, how’s that for a birthday gift?  Well, obviously it is a perfect one.

After buying it, I immediately opened the CD and I loved it instantly.  The Whisper House album isn’t just an ordinary album, the album and songs is a whole story ready to be unraveled.  I haven’t listened to the art work yet because I don’t have a player right now but I have visited its website and you may want to check it out, too.  Again, it is one brilliant and genius album and work for Duncan again.  Visit its website here.

I love this Duncan Sheik song.  Again, this is from the Daylight album. 


I’ve always imagined this song being sung to me by someone.  (Hmmm, this isn’t necessarily a particular person from the past, okay?!) 



And in the end, I could see myself very satisfied and I’d answer back with so much happiness in my eyes and say “yes”


Here’s the song:


“For You”


For you I want to sing a happier song
For you I’m gonna try to right all my wrongs
For you I’m gonna break my bad habits
There’s a golden ring and I want you to have it
There’s a golden ring and I want you

For you I’m gonna sit and patiently wait
It’s great if you’re early but if it’s fine if you’re late
For you I feel love and I just want to show it
You’re a beautiful girl and want you to know it
You’re a beautiful girl and want you to know it
You’re a beautiful girl and want you to know it
It’s an infinite world and I want you

Once again I am opened
Once again I am opened
Once again I am opened
Once again I am opened

For you I’m waiting on the ticket line
I gotta get back I don’t wanna waste time
But the people are tired and the line is so long
So all I can do is sing this song


By now, readers of my blog and people around me know how much of a music lover I am.  Most people’s observation about me is my ear phones which I seldom remove even if I am busy with my office work.  I can talk about music all day long and I won’t get tired of it. 


Anyway, this post is dedicated to Duncan Sheik.  I am a big fan of Duncan Sheik.   It started to become one when I was able to watch him in a concert.  I was practically listening to him in a daily basis for two or more months.  I just love the Daylight album.  I love every song.  Unfortunately, I have observed that his CDs were pulled out of the market in 2006 and his past two albums weren’t released in Asia.  I even have to ask someone to buy me a CD of him in the US just to have a copy of the White Limousine Album.


I just feel that Asia is losing the chance of hearing his art and talent.  I just feel sad about the fact that I can’t get to download his latest compilation.  For me, he is just a rare talent worth to be listened to.  I just miss his music.


Anyway with this longing I have remembered how I love the Daylight album, so here I’m sharing my favorite song from the album.




“On Her Mind”

She’s wearing the tee-shirt
of a band I really like
maybe that’s coincidence
maybe that’s alright

I keep thinking about the way
she said “I’ll see you soon”
was it more than words?

I’m just tryin’ to find
what’s on her mind?

I don’t know when I’ll see her
but I’m sure that I will
its just another matter of time
some more time to kill

I can imagine so many things
her and I sometime in the spring
…something’s happening

I’m just tryin’ to find
what’s on her mind?


(I want peace but I don’t make it
I want love but I don’t give it
I want hope but I can’t find it
and I want her to heal me)

she’s wearing the tee-shirt
of my favorite band
I should’ve told her
that I was a fan

people say I should just leave it be
leave it up to destiny
but that ain’t for me

I’m just trying to find
what’s on her mind?