I signed up on Twitter last 2009 and I’ve fell in love with it since then.  The micro-blogging idea was genius.  I love the challenge of coming up with something under the limit of 140 characters.  In my case it is silly, funny or even bitchy.  And what I really loved with twitter are some of the followers who appreciate your thoughts by retweeting what you have tweeted.  It is like being appreciated or getting an approval or agreement on something you want the whole universe to know.

But lately, since I’m the type of person who would try to do a follow back as sometimes this is more of a social obligation and responsibility neglecting the fact that I should just follow a person because I’m interested in what they have to say.  But in my defense, how would I know that unless I try following back?  So I just try to evaluate my timeline on a regular basis.  Yes don’t be surprised I can be that courteous but only up to a certain extent and time.

I just find it a little bit weird when people take it against you when you unfollow them.  Sometimes, I just want to tell them “make your tweets interesting then people would follow you back! And seriously I’ve got enough drama in my life and I don’t need your crap!”  Twitter is not for the faint-hearted you must know that.  A lot of bitches and stupid idiots are out there to annoy you so be wary.

So with this, I began to think maybe I can come up with helpful tips to twitter users that will benefit both the new ones and the old ones. Well, twitter is a user-driven platform so I guess my opinion is as good as anyone’s out there.

  1. Be social.  Twitter was meant to promote exchanges between users.  If you get a mention from someone you don’t know or don’t want to talk to, just ignore them.  It is expected to happen since twitter is for everyone.  Don’t be surprised when someone reacts to your tweet.  If you don’t want to get them just go up to the mountains and be a monk.
  2. My second tip reminds me of this first tip.  Be courteous.  If you don’t like what you read from your follower just don’t mind them.  Ignore or at least be gracious.
  3. Grammar.  I know that I commit grammar mistakes, too but don’t make it a habit.  Besides, you can always use our own language especially if you’re not good with the foreign language.  Save us from more harm, please start using our own.
  4. Have a sense of humor.  For God’s sake, it’s a sign of intelligence.  I personally had an experience with this.  Believe me there are users who don’t even know what humor is.
  5. RT means retweet.  It is used when you find the need to share someone’s tweet because you find it really important.  And oh please don’t retweet your own tweets, it is so pathetic.  And avoid using RT to reply when in fact you can just “quote tweet” it.  It’s not “reply tweet” it is retweet you idiot!
  6. Refrain from too much drama and negativity.  You can rant for a time and have your frustrations vent out but up to certain extent only.  If you have too much pain to let go of maybe you should find a friend to talk to or even see a psychiatrist. 
  7. This is a personal favorite.  Hold back the urge to tweet too much err, flooding your followers’ timelines.  If you have a lot of thoughts, blog about it then you can always share the link to your followers.  Less is more, believe me!

Again, these are just my tips.  At least if you want to get my attention and you care too much about NOT annoying me then you can just follow these tips.  I know that there’s someone not going to agree with these but I know at least there’ll be someone who is going to agree with at least one of them.

Before I end up this post, there’s another thing that’s amusing me lately.  People who are proud and happy for being twitter jailed.  I just don’t get it really.  Sometimes, I just want to tell them, “Don’t you find yourself annoying enough and you have to wait for a validation to know that?”

I guess this is just me and the signs of aging and for your information just recently I had to unfollow users who have been annoying me and flooding my timeline.  I was able to remove 160 from my following list because I just want it simple, for my timeline to be happy, bitchy and of course witty.

Just remember this, I follow this rule:  Following you on Twitter doesn’t make us friends so if I have unfollowed you, it doesn’t mean we’re not friends. It is just that I’m not a fan of your thoughts and I don’t find it interesting.  Again, twitter is not for the faint-hearted if you can’t deal with you might as well get out of it.


I’m a no gaming addict. Well, I used to but it was then the era of Nintendo.  Writing these words will really give away how old I am.  When I entered high school I stopped playing games and focused on other things.  I’ve realized that so much time is being wasted by playing games and neglecting important things like listening to music.

So when Facebook gained popularity it has introduced me to online games such as Mob wars, Mafia wars, etc.  And I got addicted to some extent that I’d really struggle to look for a connection just so I could upgrade or don’t miss a bonus or energy boosts and the likes.  Looking back on those times makes me ask myself, “What have I done to myself? Why did I allow games like these overpower me?”  And yes I’m just exaggerating and of course, I answered myself with, “All work and no play make me a dull gay” (tweaked it a bit)

And this is what my post is all about.  Zynga’s Empires and Allies which has becoming my latest addiction.  I just love it because unlike Mafia wars, Empires and Allies is a graphic based as opposed to the browser based games of Zynga.  I just really find it cool and very entertaining.  I get to think of strategies and build allies and attack opponents and defend my properties.  I just love it as simple as that.  Attaching pictures of the graphics so you’d see what I’m talking about.

a sample empire

a sample land battle

“Empires and Allies” portrays a military cartoon world composed mostly of archipelagos with each player beginning with one island, and being able to expand to up to four other islands. Each archipelago represents an “empire” or militarized island nation, with a “world alliance” that the player can optionally enter, but by doing so forfeits an ability to attack other sovereign nations. The player’s task is to recover their island nation’s glory and defeat the main villain, “The Raven,” and his commanders, who each have covered a separate archipelago that the player must island hop until the end of the “chain” which is assumed to be the island of which “The Raven” resides on.

The game begins with a massive enemy attack which all but demolishes the player’s nation, in a quest for revenge; the player is dragged into a war against the aggressors, uncovering their reasoning for the attack. It is later revealed that the player’s island contains a valuable ore that the enemy requires for a super weapon, which the player is tasked to stop at all costs. The player meets several advisors: a civic advisor, a military advisor, a construction advisor, and a mission advisor.

Despite all this, Empires and Allies still maintains good humor with enemy commanders having often comedic portrayals and biographies, such as “The Raven” being named such for he couldn’t catch an eagle and instead settled on a raven.

Within nine days, Empires and Allies had gained nearly 10 million users. (Credits to Wikipedia.org)

I just shared the information and concept of what Empires and Allies is and finishing off my post with the cute video that they’ve used to launch the game.  So if you are someone who easily gets addicted to games and doesn’t want to be a victim and addict stay away from this game, I’m telling you, I need rehabilitation for withdrawal.

my empire


Exploring facebook was really part of getting to know the social networking site.  I have to admit that there was a time that I really got hooked on the applications like the pet shops and other games.

People have different opinions on this, some find it amusing to take quizzes and follow on applications like a true avid fan while others get annoyed of receiving stuffs from random people they don’t even know.

I think we should just practice proper etiquette on social networking sites as well like those that we extend in our real social life besides the only difference between the two is one is virtual and one is actual.

Some of these are the following:

  1. Don’t accept friend invites from those you don’t actual know if you don’t intend to know more about them
  2. Send out invites to those who you think share the same interest
  3. Avoid sharing too much information

Well there are a lot of dos and don’ts and I think I actually contradict the 3rd tip that I have mentioned.  For one, I share information of myself in blog and networking sites.  I tend to over broadcast what I feel for my interest and for others to see.  It isn’t because I like the attention, yes I do at times but basically I just lose my self control more often than I should.

And proof of it was this quiz that I have recently made.  Here’s the link:


Well, I didn’t really intend to share too much information when I made this.  I just wanted to make friends laugh.  I just thought of being witty and insane that time.  I also wanted to know if my friends really know me by answering these questions.

Anyway, to date no one has scored above 65%.  My niece even got a 50% from the quiz and I find it really weird because my life is like an open book to many.  I know I share so many stories to people around me well actually to my close friends only.  So I am putting up a challenge to friends who will get at least 80% of the quiz, I have a special surprise for you.

Let’s see if there will be takers of this challenge.

Well I don’t usually answer quizzes on Facebook.  Not that I don’t want it but sometimes I am just too lazy.  But today I took the test regarding on what type of a Franciscan I am.  I graduated from Saint Francis School here in Cavite.  And I can’t help but wonder what type of a Franciscan I am.  (I just saw two friends one as Jack Sparrow and the other is Dumbledore) 

I was a little naughty back then luckily I got good grades and saved myself to totally enjoying the notorious side of me.  Otherwise, I may have not graduated college at all.

Anyway here’s the funny thing, some of the results I agree with some I don’t and I’d discuss it below, the whys.


Edzcel completed the quiz “Anong Klaseng Franciscan ka?” with the result Paris Hilton.

ASTIG. (Well, I think early on I already know what I want and what I am capable of doing).  Kilala ka ng buong campus. (I don’t think so, because our batch Friendster profile didn’t even invite me to become part of it) Playboy/Playgirl ka. Isa ka sa mga naging muse/escort sa school. Maitsura ka. (This part I don’t actually agree of, me famous for the looks… you must be kidding me!) Marami kang eskandalo. (Well, I was a little rowdy, talkative but not scandalous) Madalas kang bagsak sa exam o quiz. Favorite subject mo ang PE. Allergic ka sa Bio, Chem, at Math. (This one is a little not true and I am proud of it, I was even the Math Club president, I love Chemistry because of Mrs. Policar and I love Math since I’ve learned how to count.  I tutored classmates and lower batches, too especially the cute ones).  Palagi kang nakatambay sa student’s center o sa hallway ng building. Tuwing uwian naman ay nakatambay ka sa Saliba’s canteen. (Yes, I am the kind of student who is early at school but goes home very late in the afternoon.  Apparently, my barkada finds the need to say a little longer to catch up and recapture the day that has been.) Lakas mo mang alaska. Madalas kang may kaaway o makipagsuntukan. (Well, yes I tease people a lot but that’s for fun.  Just trying to be funny and breaks the ice and silence as well.) Outstanding ka sa SportsFest. (Hmmm, not really… Damath is such a lousy sport that I joined… funny!) Mahilig ka sa bawal kaya’t palagi kayong nagtutuos ni Ms.Flory. (Fourth year, I visited the guidance counselor.  Creepy!  I even got a violation report.  I’m such a disgrace to my family!)  Hindi mo alam kung nasan ang Library. (Not true, I loved reading books.  I still know the librarian, it’s Morrie’s mom, Ms. Menchie!)  Madalas ka magvandal sa armchair or desk mo, lalong lalo na sa pintuan ng CR. (Of course, vandalism those days were allowed.  We cover our armchairs with cartolinas and we have graffiti walls per classroom) Alam mo ang secret passage palabas ng school na nasa Boy’s CR. (I do know this but I don’t cut classes though not that bad yet) Patago kang nakikipagsayaw ng intense tuwing Acquaintance at Chrismas Party pati JS. (I wish!) Shoulder bag o Jansport ang bag mo. (Hmmm, Giordano and Jansport were the hottest bags those days).  Nagmumura ang pabango mo. (not true!) May scarf ka palagi. (Yeah, I need a handkerchief up to now I still do)  Kundi ka Varsity, Dancer o banda ka. (I became a member of the high school dancers.  Yikes!)  Idol mo si San Miguel at may alaga kang Red Horse. (Hmmm, not really but 5 years after high school I worked and still working for San Miguel)  Taas ang kilay sa’yo ni Mrs. Maclang. (I’m sure I didn’t just get her eyebrows raised but also her voice.)  May motor ka. Marami kang tropa. Apir kayo ni Mang Jerry at Mang Sergio. (These are just random non-sense) Hindi mo sineseryoso si Ms. Janet. (I don’t remember knowing her) Mainit ang mata sa’yo ni Ms. Ruby Tan. (Yeah, she became my 3rd year class adviser.  I hated her when she banged me up for joining the mimicry contest.  She’s such a jealous bitch, I don’t like her either.) Nagtataka ka kay Ms. Aglibot. (This is my favorite part, I know for a fact because Mrs. Aglibot even told me that she didn’t like me because I was a bad student.  The only subject I didn’t get a line of 9 ever was Filipino.  I was even sent outside the class for not reading the El Filibusterismo.  She assigned a special project, the only one in the class to make a poem about 1 chapter of it!)  Nawiwindang ka kay Mr. Michael. (I don’t think I know him but I love Mr. Nestor…) May jowa ka kahit bawal, at hanep ka maka-porma… (I wish!)


Oh well, this is a long read and so much about high school.  I had so much fun then.  Fooling around is one of the things I did best.  I never took anything seriously well maybe a little of the studies.  Some of the subjects were really great, the friends are amazing and some faculty members really helped me a lot.  Looking back on those years make me wonder if I had another chance of doing it again would I do it the same way or differently.  Well I don’t know, I think I may have not taken my studies too seriously but I don’t think I didn’t reach my full potential.  Maybe, I would stick with what I have done best and the best part of it is I enjoyed my life.  Haha!  How nostalgic can I get?  This is such a waste of time.  This is the side effects of seeing your high school crush not more than 7 hours ago and going to friends over for lunch talking about high school stuffs for more than 4 hours.  Side effects!


(fluff)Friends - create, share and enjoy a world of fluffy fun!


Finally, I’ve got the chance to promote my fluff friend Daulphin, Paperback.  Like my haikoo pet, Hardbound, it is a virtual pet.  Obviously, I am taking care of this beautiful pet because it is impossible to do so in real life and I am very thankful to fluff friends for making this dream come true.