“Friends come and go but if you’re like the show FRIENDS you have probably left footprints on your friends’ hearts.”

Obviously, I’m a big fan of the show FRIENDS, and I strongly believe that this is the best show ever made on TV.  I’ve followed and watched new shows but nothing has ever come close to replacing them in my heart.  The show is timeless and it was loved and appreciated by all regardless of gender, age and nationality.

Since I’ve been a loyal fan of the cast, I’ve followed them on twitter and I was so excited when Matthew Perry tweeted about his new show, Mr. Sunshine, I have immediately searched for it and put it on my calendar so I wouldn’t forget.  Then days passed by and a twitter username with SHO_Episodes followed me and I’ve found out that it was Matt Le Blanc’s new show, Episodes.  With these developments I’ve decided that I’d follow these shows and Courteney Cox’s show Cougar Town which is being aired on ABC and on its second season.

Among these shows, I like Cougar Town the best and I find Mr. Sunshine slowly picking up the game and unfortunately I’m only watching the Episodes to support Le Blanc.

Episodes is about a successful British husband-and-wife comedy team who was lured by Hollywood to produce a new version of their hit series for a stateside audience, they’re initially thrilled at the prospects. But they soon realize what the American executives have in store for their precious show – including replacing the erudite British lead with the quintessential comedy star, Matt LeBlanc – and begin to sink deeper into the quicksand that is the TV business. Before long it’s clear that not just the couple’s show is at stake, but perhaps even their marriage. (Credits to eztv.it)

I think it’s funny but not even as funny as the show Joey or maybe I’m not into Brit comedy type of shows.  I’m looking for funny antics and not into too much sarcasm, blow or mean kind of comedy.  I get the ironies and I appreciate the characters support and comedic timing but I don’t think it is something that will mark.  I just hope that the 2nd season will have something more solid on the plot.

Mr. Sunshine stars Matthew Perry as Ben Donovan, the general manager of the Sunshine Center, who every night navigates a never-ending series of bizarre requests, curious mishaps and employee screw ups to put on a show for 18,000 screaming people.

Working alongside him is his boss and arena owner Crystal, attractive, powerful and highly erratic; Alice, the cute, tomboyish marketing director and Ben’s friend with benefits; Alonzo, a former basketball player, handsome and unbelievably happy; Ben’s assistant, Heather, pretty, sweet, but terrifying because she once lit a boyfriend on fire; and Crystal’s son, Roman, sweet-faced, clueless and Ben’s newest employee. (Credits to eztv.it)

At first, I just find the show like its ending credits as lame but fortunately on the 7th episode it has picked up.  It’s hard to see Matthew as someone else as he has made Chandler’s character as his own.  I can still Ben as Chandler.  Again, I think the writers should put and come up with meatier plot for the show.  Sometimes, I just feel like that they’re doing the show just for the sake of having one.  I can see the lack of a solid story line.  I just hope that it improves and ABC will give them a 2nd season.

Cougar Town focuses on a newly single 40-year-old mom Jules Cobb (Courteney Cox) and her teenage son (Dan Byrd). In a small town of Florida, the most important thing is the Cougars high school football team, which is very appropriate since there are tons of divorcees prowling in the area looking for young men. Jules doesn’t want to be one of them, but after an ugly divorce and her 40, she desperately wants more action in her life. Encouraged by her best friend Elle and her assistant Laurie, Jules tries to enter back into the dating scene. To her surprise she meets Bobby a very young nice guy, as he discovers that she still has what it takes.

The single-camera comedy comes from Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence and co-executive producer Courteney Cox. Cougar Town is produced by ABC Studios. (Credits to eztv.it)

This show is funny.  I think over the years of watching friends, I’ve become a Monica/Courteney fan.  She’s just amazing and I really find her funny with how she delivers her lines and her actions.  Funny thing is I wouldn’t have given Cougar Town a try until I’ve watched Mr. Sunshine and Episodes.  Now I don’t even regret starting the show and I’ve got tons of episodes to watch.  I’m really glad that one of my friends has a successful funny show.  If you haven’t tried watching it I say you should start now because I’m pretty sure this will have a 3rd season and you don’t want to be side tracked at all.



in·tim·i·date (n-tm-dt)

tr.v. in·tim·i·dat·ed, in·tim·i·dat·ing, in·tim·i·dates

1. To make timid; fill with fear: frighten

2. To coerce or inhibit by or as if by threats.

Noun. intimidation – the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something

I just can’t believe that some of my “friends” think that I’m intimidating.  Read on and find out why I think so.

I had short text message exchanges with a friend (Ron) last Saturday morning while I’m on my way home to our province.  We’ve met together with other friends for dinner Friday night and he mentioned about my strong personality.  The actual word he used was “intimidated”, he’s saying that it’s one of the reasons why people I had misunderstandings with are having a hard time to approach me because they are intimidated.

And this is what I have to say, “If your friends are intimidated by you then maybe they don’t know you well for you to even call them your friends.”

I tweeted this and made it as my Facebook status yesterday because I strongly believe that friends shouldn’t be intimidated by each other.  If they are your real friends, they’d know you in and out.  I’m having a hard time believing that feeling fear towards one of your friends is even remotely possible.

I think the only reason why one friend can be intimidated is there’s an absence of communication.  And we all know that friendships are built on strong foundation of communication and trust.  What I’m trying to say is friends are expected to fight over something and argue about the shallowest thing on earth but when that situation comes they face it together, talk about it and resolve the difference.

This is where the question arises why should you be intimidated?  It only means that you’re not really friends with them because they can’t talk to you about the truth or issues that they have with you.  I just don’t believe that there should be a barrier with a relationship like friendship.  I don’t believe that there’s a stronger friend and a weaker friend.

I know that I can be blunt and straight forward but that’s what and how I expect from my friends, too.  How can you watch each other’s back if you can’t be honest and true with each other?  Besides, one has to accept and bear in one’s mind that friends have the best interest to bring out the best in you.

I’m just a believer of trust and honesty.  I treat my friends like my siblings and if I need to point out something to correct them even if it would cost us our friendship then let it be.  I would expect my friends to be that way, too.  And if there would really be a friendship ending then maybe there wasn’t really a friendship to start with.

My parting words are, “I don’t get intimidated by my friends because I’m true to them and I don’t have to pretend someone that I’m not and I know I can always tell them anything without thinking that they’d take it against me.” and they could expect that from me as well.



Falling in love is one of the most overrated feelings.  Everyone thinks that their world stops because of it.  Sorry if I sound bitter but I’m just telling the truth.  Love has a lot of hidden charges like heart aches, being heart broken, misunderstanding, and expectations.  Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of this feeling too.  Actually, I have been victim of this once, twice? Oh crap I stopped counting after the 2nd heartbreak. Lol!

But I’m actually writing about finding love from someone you’ve least expected it to come from.  A romantic love from a friend…  This kind of scenario makes me think about love like Chandler-Monica.  You see how their love for each other grew into something magical, real and strong.

I’ve got this thought because I just recently fell in love with Estelle’s Fall in Love (featuring John Legend).  Aside from the amazing voices of these two great artists, the song’s message is something I think I need to believe in.  You see, finding love is something magical and getting it from a friend in a romantic way is something I’ve never imagined myself getting into but worth exploring for.

Here I am again in the zone where I don’t know “what’s happening here” zone.  I just loved the idea of loving someone you already know from the start.  And I strongly believe that this kind of love is stronger.  A relationship built with and by friendship has been proven to be more powerful.


I love these lines from the song,

“But something ’bout today said maybe
The street signs, the city lights, all the stars, could lead me to you

And you know
If it’s okay with you, let’s go
Go to some place that we don’t know
Don’t need a reason baby, we might be crazy
I’m thinking, we should fall in love (ba ba ba ba ba ba)
We could fall in love (ba ba ba ba ba ba)
We could fall in love (ba ba ba ba ba ba)
Be on the stars and the moon and the sky
Just fall in love”

And one day I want to find myself crazy again with someone with out thinking of anything but love…just love.  Sharing with this post is a youtube link of the song.  Hope you like it, too.

I treat friends like they are my siblings.  I am very protective, loving and caring.  Others tell me that I’m nurturing and some say that I’m the key that holds a group together.  Back then, I find it silly when I get these comments because I just love them that’s why I’m doing that.

I’m someone who’s most likely to fight for a friend in need.  I’d cross mountains if need be.  Lately, I’ve liked Bruno Mars’ Count on Me; it is a good friends’ song.  I agree with each line of the song.  It is like he wrote it so I’d hear how dedicated as a friend I can be.

But unfortunately, I’ve been having some problems with the inner me lately.  I think I have become needy.

Here’s the inside story, I’m the 2nd to the youngest in the family but I grew up as a mature and assertive kid if not the most among the kids.  I have always been tasked to take care of my siblings’ needs and as well as our family’s.  And I think that was the reason why I have been so nurturing.

This is where the problem is coming from, it’s not that I’m tired of taking care of people it is more of missing the feeling of being taken care of.

I’d like to borrow these lines from Bruno Mars’ song,

“You can count on me like one, two, three
I’ll be there and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two
And you’ll be there ’cause that’s what friends
Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh”

I still find it as a grey area because I don’t exactly believe 100% in expecting something in return because it’s like putting a price on your relationship as friends but I’m acting like it and that’s really disappointing.  Actually, I’m not like this to all but to some friends only and I think I have even ended a good relationship with someone very important to me because of my issues.  I guess this is where the “I can count on you” lines are applicable to me, I may not be literally in dire need of help but I’m definitely a crazy man and I need understanding.

Anyway, I’m posting two videos of Bruno Mars’ song Count on Me, listen to it and I’m sure this will be another hit song from him.


Having friends and hundreds of them (not really) is one of my most prized possessions in this world. I have good set of friends from school, work and just recently from the internet and the radio. 

For me, having friends from different sources means I have varying degrees of friendship.  The bond, the experiences I’ve shared with them, the laughter and the tears are incomparable from one another.

And there’s one thing that I know I can assure them of.  When I say I am their friend, I am willing to fight for them and with them when need be.  I am someone who’d stand by a friend like Joey of FRIENDS.  I just love listening to friends’ stories and I won’t mind offering my shoulders when they need to cry.

But lately, I’ve been running around in circles myself.  I’ve found myself lost and helpless and I realized that whenever I am low I am least likely to run and cry out for help.  I guess I’ve always envisioned myself as someone who’d be willing to help and not be helped.  I’ve always exude a perky personality and I have created a perfect world that my friends think I have but unfortunately I don’t.

Sometimes I also what to be checked, hearing the words like “I’ve got your back and I’ll always be there” may be too cheesy and all but still I wouldn’t say no to it once in a while.  Don’t get the wrong impression from this post; I’m just thinking out loud today.  It is because of T.I.’s Got your back the lyrics clearly stated that “We were high, we were low but I promise I will never let you go”.  You see, these words are strong but most of the time unspoken.  Maybe after reading this, you should call your friends from way back 10 years ago that you haven’t seen in a while and tell them this.  Try it because I just did.

And the best way to end this post is by sharing you the link to T.I. and Keri Hilson’s “Got your Back.”


Secret as defined by the dictionary means something that is kept hidden.

I think that everyone has at least a secret.  Some maybe are just embarrassing things that they wouldn’t want to share like admitting who farted.  Funny as you may think about it but technically it is a secret.  I think it’s still debatable if farting can really fall under secrets since things like this shouldn’t be discussed at all.  And thinking about it is a lousy thing to build my premise.

Anyway, I’m writing this post because I have been told secrets before and I’m really flattered whenever friends trust me with their secrets.  My secret (oops do I really have to do this?) is whenever I am told that it’s a secret I just erase them from my memories in a way.  I put them on archive and won’t talk about it unless if my friend brings it up again.  But lately, there are things that are bothering me.  I’ve just realized that there are secrets you don’t want to hear.  There are things that are hard to be kept especially when you know that the person keeping this will hurt those whom they love.

Now I’ve been asking myself, how do you deal with that?  It’s a choice between good and bad, trust and loyalty, friendship.  Sometimes you pretend that these are white lies to protect yourself from your own guilt.  To preserve your relationship with those you love.

One thing I can say about this thing is that secrets can also be considered as lies.  It’s not easy not to tell a lie but I believe that one can actually avoid it.  It has been proven that keeping a lie is much harder than telling the truth.  One lie will entail a series of lies for you to back it up in short it’ll be requiring you more effort to pull it off as truth.  I don’t mean to sound too preachy but you can just tell I’m in a crossroad about a certain secret and I have decided that I’ll just tell my friend my honest thought about it.

Since I’m on haiku mode I was actually able to make one for this post.  Spell crazy and yes that’s me.  I’m also sharing a clip from FRIENDS about where everybody finds out about Monica and Chandler.

“Never keep secrets

From someone you love because

It can hurt them bad”

I’m uniquely weird like Phoebe. I’d fight for a friend like Joey, I’m competitive and attention freak like Monica… have a pathetic love life like Ross. I am push over at times like Rachel and definitely I have a lot of funny antics like Chandler.” These are the traits why I consider myself as the 7th member of Friends.

And I’d just like to share this video as a testament of how I am like Joey, who would fight for a friend and would practically do everything for them. (Thanks to Evil inside for making this clip for my blog)

And lately, I’ve been very lucky for having my rusher friends.  I’ve felt like having Joey around me and he has been multiplied.  They didn’t just watch my back but they’ve also fought for me when I’ve started to back down.  The past week has really been hard for me.  I tried to be silent the whole time because I don’t want to drag anyone since the issue is just between the two parties involved.


But I can’t blame them for being overly protective.  My kindness is at a fault.  Or should I say, everything has been mistaken as kindness.  Because I strongly believe that, “It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.” And I totally agree with this, I am forgiving him for what he has done but I am also forgetting him as a friend.


Besides, I couldn’t stay friends with someone who doesn’t even know that he has done something wrong and was totally acting like he didn’t do anything bad.  He’s ignorance and insensitivity is simply unbelievable.  It actually makes me wonder if he has really considered me as a friend at all.


Plus, I just couldn’t accept the premise that he has to gather his courage to ask for apology.  Shouldn’t it be the aggrieved party’s right to have the luxury of time to forgive and not to wait for the offender to make the move, right?


Anyway, I have to forgive and let go as the saying goes, “Forgiveness forces you to grow, because when you forgive someone you have the power to let them go and move on.” I am ready to move on and forget about everything.  Besides, what’s the point of holding on to the anger; it will only give me nothing and will hamper my growth.  I will certainly leave the pieces behind and learn from this experience.  The important thing is I have my true friends beside me, they love me and everything will be okay.