Finally after so many weeks I’ve had the chance to write something poetic. Short but very heartfelt. I was targeting for a piece that is cutting and drawn.  A haiku about some of the used to’s I’m thinking of right now. 


Missing some used to’s

Warmth in our conversations

Focused and engaged


The morning hellos

Right amount of attention

Sweet good night farewells


Trying to be strong

Concealing sadness with songs

Braving and praying


To realize that

I’m so used to be alone

Reality checked


Coping and starting

To detach my world from him

Soon to get over


Just need to be firm

Trust and control myself more

Happiness restored?



Today I woke up with one of the best feeling, I really felt happy and I didn’t know where it is coming from.  It was very positive and I didn’t take the chance to lose it.  I immediately grabbed my towel went to the bathroom, fixed my hair and brushed my teeth.  Put on my running shoes and attire.  Ran for an hour, loved the morning breeze and was so happy to see the morning sun.  Drank two cups of brewed coffee and ate a hearty breakfast.

This has to be the good life.  I have nothing to complain about.  I was just contented, satisfied and happy.  Got to talk to my parents and shared stories and checked up on them.

I just hope that every day is as happy as today and I’d try to keep it that way and I know I can.

From today, I’ll just try to pick as much positive things in life and forget about ranting and whining.  I know that it is hard to do but like what I’ve said, I’d keep the positivity handy.  Besides, I’ve got nothing but good things to be happy about.

I’m healthy, I’m well loved, I can buy things that I want, I have work, I have very supportive and amazing friends and lastly, I’m perfectly happy with my life, where I am now and what I’m doing.

I just love this day.  I’m ending my post by sharing to everyone this happy post and One Republic’s song, Good Life.  Let’s all be thankful for all the good things in our lives.  Remember, happiness is a choice!



Things aren’t that great lately but this thing really got me excited today and for the coming week end get away.

I’ll be out of the country from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday.  When I’ve planned this trip with my good friend, Helki, it was all out of adventure trip and fun.  But today, I need this trip more than anything else in this world.

I’m not depressed but I have to think things over and start weighing things all over again.  I just feel that the pieces don’t fit anymore.  Again, I’m still doing great; I just need some space and time to think.

And I’ll be doing it here.  



When I get back hopefully everything will be different.  A happy pill is all I need but then again happiness is a choice, I guess I ain’t gonna need the pill anymore.