As a child I guess everyone was told that lying is a sin. Every culture and religion has a concept of punishment for the things we do wrong. The idea of right and wrong are inculcated at an early age to most or at least that was the environment I grew up with.

As I grew older I became fully aware that lying is a skill, it is actually an art of deceit. And based on observation, it is a trait that most intelligent people have.

But there’s also a way for you to wring the truth but the magnitude depends on how adept the liar is. It’s a skill against a skill.

And yesterday I was hardly hit by this realization about lies.

I just hate people who lie and when they’re caught they’d deny it. Not because of the lies per se but it is because of the undermining of my capacity to judge and ability to understand things. There is certain level of insult that’s not being said there.

This entry doesn’t mean to preach about honesty because I’m not the best person to advocate it. But what I’m telling is, if you happen to tell lies to people you consider a friend, you better be ready to acknowledge your fault when found and apologize to the grieved party once there is an opportunity.

It is a simple lesson on if you don’t tell lies you don’t have to worry about being caught. Just take the full responsibility as I believe in the true sense of justice and mercy.


I have been a big fan of One Tree Hill through the influence of my good friend Ruth.  I really liked the story because it is really nice and the way how the story is being build up is truly great. Plus the music being played week every week is really superb!  The choice of music really amazes me.  And I’ve been listening to its soundtrack.  Bethany’s voice is really amazing and I can’t live without hearing her voice in a day.  Basically, I’m living a life of tree hill lately.


And I was really struck by its Season 2 story. It actually revolves about lies. (They’re actually starting to film the 6th season and based on rumors they’d probably be back by September) Beneath each character has their lies, some are white lies and most of them aren’t. Some lies are made to protect their own interest, some lies for others.  This reminds me of a certain conflict in my life before.


This is what happened.  I have been pretty much true with my feelings and was really 100% comfortable that my friend would be someone who can watch my back for me.    Someone you trusted so much and reservation wasn’t even a choice at all.  You confide everything to them so they’ll know when and how to look after you from something you are too afraid to see. Or at least that’s what I expect from them.


And it can be very disappointing that the same person would be the one to fulfill your worst dream to life.  Puzzled as I am right now and I still keep on wondering.  Like in Tree Hill, I begin to ask.  Is this friend really mine or someone else’s? 


I have never really expected that this will happen.  I don’t even think that this person is aware of what she has done to me.  That makes me worry more.  How clueless could a friend be?  How insensitive can she get?  How proud can she be?  I can’t fathom her actions?  I can’t believe that she’d do things to hurt me and possibly make me lose someone I truly care so much in the process.


Friends are very important to me, and I treat them like they are my siblings.  I have always believed that honesty and trust are the very foundation of a relationship and without it nothing can ever work out.  Lies, pride and selfishness aren’t part of this relationship.  And sometimes, it is sad when we have to make a choice to let go of this relationship and you are left with no choice but to.


Being under a dilemma like this isn’t easy.  Lies are betrayals.  The feeling of being betrayed is like a ghost haunting you.  And when someone we love betrays us it hurts the most…


Lies can really hurt us so much.


*** This post was originally published in my other blog.  It’s been more than a year and I’m glad that I have stuck with my belief and I can truly say, that I didn’t have to feel any regret with my decision to let this friend go.  It only proved that in friendship, it doesn’t really matter how long you have been friends or known each other.  The important thing is the love, honesty and trust that you have for each other.