Just recently I’ve celebrated my 11th year in the company and the past 5 months was one of the hardest assignments I’ve ever had.  This time it’s totally different, I’ve had to handle people.  I’m pretty confident that I have the people skills but doing the actual work is harder than I think it was.  Management a bunch of adults is never easy.  You’ll have expectations and there will come to a point where those expectations wouldn’t be met.  The challenge is how to help them realize their shortcomings, guide them in achieving the objective and make them be the best that they could be.

I have promised myself that when I get the chance to lead.  I’ll lead by example and share the things that I have learned from the past.  I’d rather be called as a mentor than a boss. 

So now I have that chance, one thing that I always remind them is having the right attitude.  As Winston Churchill has said, “Attitude is a little thing the makes a difference.”  Actually it’s not only applicable inside the working environment; it can also be applied on your day-to-day dealing with people.  It’s not about how intelligent you are but it’s having the right attitude towards work. 

There are people who always question the direction.  I say, “One has to see the reasons first why things are asked of them to deliver.  I believe that it is better to start working on things rather than waste your time ranting.  Besides, you’ll do the work anyway.  So what’s the point in insisting your way when most of the time it is their way or the highway.”  I guess what I’m trying to say is as employees we are duty bound to fulfill the management’s directives.  The company hired us to carry out things that are geared towards company’s objectives.  We are paid to do that and it is but fair to do our best in fulfilling them.  I don’t have any problem with how you do things but as long as it gets done on time.

It’s all about the money.  I say, “But one has to know thy worth first before we demand.”  Yes I agree that getting a high pay will certainly guarantee your stay in the company but one has to remember that the higher the pay you get the more expectation you have to meet.  You get what you deserve and you give what is expected of you.  Honestly, when I was still young, I actually never did mind how much I was getting.  I’ve always welcome all opportunities that come my way.  My justification was these things are new to me and it’ll be an additional knowledge.  This is something that can’t be bought and can’t be taken away from me.  Those things make your worth and in the end you’ll never lose.  It’s just a matter of perspective I guess.

Bottom-line is one’s attitude has an impact on its own productivity and it plays a big part on one’s success.  If you want to reap the rewards in the future you have to work for it.  There’s an investment that has to be done.  Success can’t be achieved overnight and it will all start with having the right attitude, the positive one.  Work hard and be nice to people.  Start with these things and it will follow.  You could never go wrong with keeping the positive vibration within you.  When you’re easy to work with tendencies are your work will be easier.  Just try it and let me know if it worked for you. 



Last Saturday, as I was trying to buy some time for myself, I’ve found myself inside a book store again.  One way for me to kill time is to go inside and fancy over having all those books.  Well, I ain’t really a book lover; I just want to read stuffs that interest me.

Then after a few hours of standing and looking for what to read best, I’ve finally found a book on volunteerism, which made me realize that I still need to finish the book about it that I’ve bought last month.

Doing an act of volunteerism is in my 2009 check list and I’m carefully thinking of what and where to participate.  I even considering of convincing my college buddies of whom I’ve spent college years doing some volunteer work.

I really want to do something about our Nature, Mother Earth.

I strongly believe that we should really act fast and act soon.

So this is what I’ve learned from the quick read of about an hour or two the bookstore.

First there are two choices to choose from:

  1. Development volunteering (which can still be divided into the following: )
    • Emergency and Relief
    • Working with children
    • Education & Training
    • Business Administration & Office work
    • Building  and Construction
    • Health & Nutrition
    • Community Development
    • Staff Volunteering
    • Agriculture and Farming
  2. Conservation and Wildlife Volunteering

And the following ultimate questions:

  1. What work will I be doing?  Can the organization provide me with a brief job description?
  2. Does the organization work with a local partner? (Example, I can’t find the local office of Greenpeace)
  3. What time frame is the volunteer programme run on?
  4. Lastly, is what support & training do I get or receive?

Aside from these questions, what I am truly excited about is, I think I have found my organization to volunteer on. I just have to contact them.  What’s nice with this organization is they’re more than willing to let you choose how and what you will do and the ultimate problem “when” – is solved.

I just hope that what I’ve researched so far is true.  Time is something that I really want to give unfortunately I’m working full time.  Maybe, in a couple of more years, I’ll fulfill my dream of doing just volunteer work as my primary job.

And I can see it coming in the near future.

I will just post updates as soon as one comes. 



After almost two months my blog had its 1,000 hits again, this site has officially reached the 6,000 mark.  Along with this achievement are the following things that I am really grateful of:


  • Through this exercise, I have already received 54 comments to my 82 posts and my favorite Radio DJ left a comment, too!  (Chico Garcia of RX 93.1, thanks!)
  • I have found new friends through this blog around the world, yes you are reading this right I have made new friends around the world
  • The highest view in a day reached to 67 and I am really happy about this because I haven’t posted anything in my blog that will compromise my stand against commercial blogging.  I write random thoughts and I don’t write stuff that I know will make my blog statistics high for the sake of it.  (I’m not picking up a fight okay this is my opinion)
  • My blog has been part of like 3 or 4 blogrolls 2 of which belongs to friends and the 2 others just have a very outrageous taste for blog.  Until to date, I am thankful for that and I didn’t see it coming


Bottom line of this is I really love writing and it is really fun and fulfilling when your work is being appreciated.  I hope all those who visited this blog will make it a regular habit to check this out.  I’ll continue to post things that matters to me and I hope it will catch your interest and entertain you the way I intended it to be.


Enjoy until the next 1,000 hits!