I’ve been a big fan of Brothers and Sisters since its first season.  The show never failed to make me feel crazy, it’s a show where you’d laugh with the characters because they’re like your demented siblings inside the tube and the next minute you’d tire your tear ducts from crying because you’d feel for them.

When I’ve learned that 3 characters will leave the show I felt sad and wondered what will happen to the story.  It’s all about family and losing one character makes me feel like it’s not going to be the same.  The first 4 episodes was a true testament to that.  For me the story couldn’t pick up from where it left off the past season.  Though I know that a lot will be explained since the present day is a year ahead and 1 year has been missing so I am expecting a lot of flash backs to glue the pieces together.

Then the 5th episode entitled Call Mom was aired and this is the best so far from the season.  In the episode Nora auditioned for a radio show called “Call Mom” where she’d answer calls from the listeners and give them a piece of advice.  She was up against a famous Doctor for the job.  Kitty had a problem with her budding love interest and she was looking for Nora and she decided to call Kevin to look for her.  The next scene showed Kitty pretending to be a caller and asked for Nora who was being beaten by the competition.  Nora just gave a very sensible and heart felt advice.  Here it goes, (I’m not transcribing it completely but this is how I remembered it)

“You’re feeling awkward because you’ve just lost your husband.  But you shouldn’t feel weird about it.  How we handle the loss defines who we are.  The grief, sadness and disappointments are there to be acknowledged.  You should feel it because if you don’t you won’t hear it, you won’t see what’s there in front of your eyes.  You’ll be like a drunken cousin in a reunion that won’t shut up unless it was given an attention.  You don’t need your mom to tell you these things.  What you need is your mom to listen to you while you vent out.  You know what’s wrong and right”

I ended up crying because it made me miss my mom and yearned for her presence.  Nora’s right there are times when you’re down and all you need is your mom.  In the family I am my mom’s favorite.  All of my siblings agree to it.  Whenever I’m home the first thing I do is go to their room and kiss and hug her.  I don’t actually tell her my problems but when I’m down a comforting hug from her is enough.  Today like Kitty I am limited to making calls or e-mail her when I need something since we now live in different time zones.  Gone are the days when I’d sit beside her during meals and have my fish deboned for me, go to the groceries together, eat siomai and I miss giving her a massage when she needs one.

I know that she trusts me.  I know that she loves me.  I just miss those days that I can see her every week end.  I miss receiving a text message, “Ingat and Abu (this is how we say I love you in the family).  I just miss her hugs.  I miss having her by my side.

For those who have just read this post, do yourself a favor today call your mom and tell her how important she is to you because I do that every time I have the chance to talk to her.

I’m ending this post with the clip from Brothers and Sisters. Try not to cry. 😀




The Brothers & Sisters’ Season 4 Episode 3 entitled Almost Normal really made me cry.  This is what I love with this show, it helps me clear my tear ducts and it can also make me laugh on top of my lungs.

Kitty finally told the family that she has cancer in this episode.  I really have to say that this show is blessed with a very amazing ensemble.  You can see the actors’ true emotion and you’ll totally feel for them.  My favorite part is the last 4 minutes of the episode.  (And as customary for me, I’d share it of course with you).  And, every time I replay the part, I still find myself crying.  The support of her family and their determination to fight the disease was really overwhelming.  Nothing beats the presence of loved ones during a situation like this.  Who wouldn’t brace a storm with a support as robust as that?  And Sarah’s arrival and as she hug Kitty made me cry over and over coupled with the lyrics from the song “Have a Little Faith”.

♪ Just have a little faith in me

Uh huh

I’ll have a little faith in you

So have a little faith in me

Don’t let it go

Don’t let it go

Don’t let it go

Don’t let it go

Don’t let it go

Just be strong for me

I’ll be strong for you ♪

I guess what really made me cry is I can totally relate to it.  Over a week ago, I’ve just found myself considering flying to the US this coming Christmas vacation.  All for the reason that I want to see my sister.  You see there are times in our lives that the touch of someone gives us comfort and assurance that everything will be alright.  And I needed that last week.  How I wish I can just go there within a snap of my fingers but unfortunately I can’t.  I just miss her so much.

As promised, I am sharing the last 4 minutes of the episode from Brothers and Sisters.  I hope you’ll like it and if you have the chance to watch the whole show, I’m sure you’ll totally like it.  I’m also sharing Michael Franti’s “Have a Little Faith”.

Last week’s episode of Brothers and Sisters made me cry again.  Well, I actually have this lousy excuse to let my heart out and cry as if the only reason why I am crying is because I am terribly moved by the scene and the story.  The plot of the story can really make you cry and relate to it.  The writers are superbly talented and gifted.  This show will make you wait week every week of episode.  I truly love this show.


The part this week that really touched me was when Julia proposed a toast.  A little backgrounder, Julia’s moving to Seattle since Tommy left them weeks ago in the show due to an embezzling problem at Ojai Foods.  And she finally decides to move on and find her way back to her life by taking chances and living her life.  To wit, she says that “In life the Walkers have made their own hard choices and they have supported each other…”


I have ripped that part so you can see it for yourself.  I really loved that part and it left me with the thought that I am having right now. 


Sometimes I tend to think of taking risks in my life that my father doesn’t agree of and if I can remember it right he hasn’t agreed on anything I have decided on but still I stood by it.


I am not unhappy with his belief because it is his opinion.  He is too safe and I am an idealist and too risky in his point of view.  At times, I just wonder how does it feel to be supported by him.  I don’t know with my other siblings but I think we all crossed that bridge with him.


Well, I know in life we have a lot of choices to make and being supported by our family leaves a certain sense of respect and pride that they actually believe us and have the promise of staying with us no matter what these choices bring us.  The comfort level will always be there and the peace of mind that we can hold on to whenever we sleep at night and at the end of it the reward of all is having the acceptance from them and the trust that you have made the right choice. 

I waited weeks for a new episode of Brothers and Sisters and I can’t really get enough of it.  I really love the show so much.  There are two more remaining episodes and I just wish that it is September already so I can have week after week of episodes.


Well, Brothers and sisters really crack me up because the siblings are really crazy and funny.  It also makes me cry.  There’s always a moment where you can feel and almost relate to the story.  This is what I really loved about it.  The family story is realistic and it will cut through straight to your heart.


I am sharing with you a part of the latest episode.  This portion is where Justin asked forgiveness to Rebecca.  You could really feel how sorry Justin is and how ready he is to let go of Rebecca.  Loved the way how he ended the conversation, “The reason why I brought you here is it is beautiful on spring.”  Well who said you can’t still be romantic even on parting ways.  Just loved how it was ended and if I were Rebecca I would run back to him and stop him.  But it is more complicated than that.


Anyway, here’s the link.


Last Friday, I’ve told myself to blog about the Top Ten topic in Morning Rush regarding “Things to say to someone who is about to give up”. 


Then this funny thing happened to me, I was watching the latest episode of Brothers and Sisters’ Season 3 which is on its 9th episode only to find out that the topic was actually going there too.  I don’t know what’s happening to the world but I felt like it has conspired against me. 


Why on earth will I have to encounter on two straight days topics like that?  Am I getting paranoid?  Am I being prepared for something?  Hope not.  This is too much for me. 


But then again, why should I worry?  Hmmm… for a moment I was out of control there and I laughed about it.  Well, that’s too much drama already.   


Anyway, Brothers and Sisters is my 2nd favorite show as of the moment.  The 1st of course, is Supernatural.  Every week I am too excited to go home on Thursday because it is the time that I download the latest episode.  I just can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to the Walkers.  I especially love Sarah and Nora.  They always make me cry.  But on this episode, Kitty made me feel proud.  She’s light but strong and her line of thinking, her perspective is really impressive. 


Anyway, I tried to transcribe my favorite part in the episode.  I also posted a link in you tube.  So here it is.  I hope you’d enjoy this as much as I did.



Kitty: Mom, mom, hey, you’re right this house is a mess, it’s a complete and utter mess

Nora: I just said that Kitty

Kitty: Yes you did but maybe that’s okay, I mean a lot of great things come out of the messy and complicated situations because they are just meant to be

Nora: I so appreciate you trying to cheer me up

Kitty: (interrupts) No no! No buts… you are not allowed to give up, you are not allowed to give up because you believe in your gut that this is right.  And besides, we’ve all inherited this, this absurd drive to make things that…. yes that seem complicated and they’re messy… but we can turn it to something great, right?  If you give up then there’s no hope for the rest of us…





It is about time that I talk about another one of my favorite shows of all time.  Everybody knows that I love “Friends” because I love having friends.  This time, I’m not going to talk about them but a different addicting show named “Brothers and Sisters”. 



Family is a very popular plot for series and I just love them.  Everyone has a family issue; everyone has fond memories of their own families.  This is what I love with this show.


This is another weekly look at yet another dysfunctional family airing all their dirty laundry for the entertainment of the audience. The series is a case of a drama trying to find its place in the homes of the audience.


The story centers on how the family has to deal with the uncovered mysteries and cope with each other.   There is a lot of a real family depicted here.  The lies, the fights, the conflicts are really brilliant.  You can see how true this family is.


What this show does have working for it is a very good cast, promising writing and splendid direction.  I have to say this, the very reason why I tried to watch the series was because of Rachel Griffiths, I’ve seen her work in HBO’s Six Feet Under and I instantly fell in love with her.  Another big reason was because of Greg Berlanti.  When I saw he is the Executive producer, I knew this wouldn’t be a bad series.


The strength of the show is the characters of the story.  For now, I’d be talking about the three strong Walker women.


Norah Walker is a strong, opinionated woman forced to deal with grief.  A woman trying to piece her life back together after everything she held as constant has fallen away.


Kitty is light, a young right wing analyst but with an actual heart and capable of compassion.  She loves her family even if she can’t agree with their politics.


Lastly, Sarah is a woman who is at the very edge of the cliff. Her marriage is on the brink, she inherited a company about to go under with the potential of criminal charges do to her father’s indiscretions. She’s trying to be strong even when she wants to give up.

In fact, here’s the transcript of my favorite conversation between Sarah and Nora, which I hope to elaborate more in the future.

Sarah: You had Kitty to fight with, Kevin to admire, and Justin to baby, Tommy to lean on. What were you thinking about me all that time?
Nora: What was I thinking? I was thinking … I was… I am in awe of you, Sarah. You became the woman I always wanted to be. And you did it all without losing your softness or your goodness. I love all my children, but I have so much respect for you, Sarah.

Nora: You’re not a daughter, Sarah. You’re the damn trifecta.

Give this one a chance. You will become a fan quickly and look forward to season two and before you know it you are asking for more seasons.


For appreciation, here’s the link to the first episode I’ve got in youtube.