I’ve finally finished the last season of Avatar: The Last Airbender and I have to admit I was really hooked.  I’ll miss the funny antics of Sokka and I’ll miss seeing Zuko.  I just wish that I’ll meet a Zuko-like man in this lifetime. Ha-ha!

This is why I loved the series.  I loved how the plot focused on finding your own purpose and choosing between right and wrong. It discussed about Prince Zuko’s struggle about finding his own purpose which will leave you asking what if this will go against the right and lean towards choosing the wrong.

He tried in the past three years to run after and search for the avatar just to please his father, Fire Lord Ozai.  He tried to believe that it was his purpose to capture the avatar to give the fire nation and the fire lord the guarantee to rule the world.  As it is their role and purpose to spread and share greatness across all nations.  But in reality he is going against the destiny of the Avatar to restore balance among men and between the physical and spirit world.

It also came to me as a surprise that the very reason why Zuko’s struggling about the right and wrong was not only because it was obvious that war isn’t the answer but because he is the grandson of Avatar Roku (good) and Fire Lord Sozin (evil).

His realization to embrace his own destiny and turn against his own father marked a twist in the story though I had to admit that it wasn’t that surprising.  I had it all figured out during the first season of the series.  As the story have molded the character of Zuko as someone who is likely to do the right thing. It was proven several times. (Oh sorry I’m a little biased about Prince Zuko you know that I have my eyes set on him and this is the very reason why)

Anyway, as expected the Fire Lord didn’t succeed and Avatar Aang save the world as he struggled against his own purpose of saving and restoring balance by killing or eliminating the Fire Lord (you see how consistent the plot was when it has both developed the main premise for the two characters).  And in the end what the Avatar did is he have taken Ozai’s fire bending like in the movie the Craft when Sarah bound Nancy to prevent her from making dangerous spells.  (I just really love that move that I had to mention it besides it’s the same concept.)

What really frustrated me was when the scene where Prince Zuko visited the Fire Lord and asked about his mother.  It was left hanging and unanswered, the story also failed to explain what happened to her sister Princess Azula.

With this disappointment I searched for answers on the net and found out that there will be an Avatar spin-off.  Read it here care of TV.com.

I just hope that the spin-off with the tentative title The Legend of Korra will be as entertaining as the The Avatar: The Last Airbender.


I just finished watching the 2nd season of Avatar: The Last Airbender and I really liked it.  I may be old to enjoy cartoons but I’m not ashamed of it.  This is actually my 2nd post as I have promised to make a post about the Book of Earth.

Spoiler alert! This is a brief summary of the whole season.

General Iroh and Prince Zuko were declared fugitives as they have somehow helped the defeat of the Fire Nation’s invasion of Northern Water Tribe during the Book of Water.  And after that defeat, Aang together with Katara and Sokka (Team Avatar along with Appa and Momo) continued their journey in search of an Earth bender guru that gave birth to the very interesting character of Toph, more famous with the name of the blind bandit.  Aang mastered water and earth bending in this book.  The book focused on the chase to catch Team Avatar by the newly introduced characters Princess Azula, the evil sister of Prince Zuko, daughter of the Fire Lord and her two other friends Mai and Ty Lee.

The season ended with the fall of Ba Sing Se, the Impenetrable City to the Fire nation after the evil Princess Azula plotted a coup d’état against the Earth King with the help of Dai Li.  The encounter between the Avatar Team and Fire Nation was really intense at the season finale.  Azula persuaded Zuko to help her fight the Aang and while Aang was trying to reach for his last Chakra to take full control of the Avatar state he was attacked by Azula’s lightning that almost killed Aang.  The group was left with no choice but to escape and save the Avatar.  Katara used the water from the North pole temple and saved Aang.

I really love how the writer made the plot.  I like how they’ve put realistic touch and maintained a balance by showing defeat on the good side.  For me, it made sense to show that even the Avatar can be defeated.  Besides, the story has a third book and I have started watching it, the Book of Fire.

My personal favorite part of the story was about the Chakras.  Aang was helped by Guru to complete the 7 Chakras so he’d be able to control the Avatar state.  I’d just like to share what the story has discussed.  To wit here are the seven Chakras:

The first chakra is the Earth Chakra, located at the base of the spine. It deals with Survival, and is blocked by Fear.

The second chakra is the Water Chakra, which deals with Pleasure, and is blocked by Guilt.

Third is the Fire Chakra, which is located in the stomach. Dealing with Willpower, the Fire Chakra is blocked by shame.

Fourth chakra is located in the heart, this chakra deals with Love, and is blocked by Grief.

The fifth Chakra is the Sound Chakra, and is located in the throat. It deals with Truth, and is blocked by the Lies we tell ourselves.

Located in the center of the forehead, the sixth Chakra of Light is responsible for Insight, and is blocked by Illusions. The greatest Illusion is that of Separation: Things you think are separate and different are actually one and the same.

Seventh Chakra, the last, called the Thought Chakra, it is located at the crown of the head, and deals with Cosmic Energy, and is blocked by earthly attachment.

Unfortunately, Aang wasn’t able to complete the 7 Chakras now he can control and go back to Avatar state.  How can he still defeat the Fire Lord now?  Can he still restore the balance between the physical and the spirit worlds?  I’d better stop writing now and continue watching the last season then I’ll spoil what happened to the last season. Ha-ha!

By the way, I have always been amazed on people who have anime crushes until I find myself doing the same thing.  I like Prince Zuko; he’s cute, insensitive, bad and evil, my kind of man. Ha-ha!

I got lucky to be invited to watch the premiere of The Avatar: The Last Airbender few weeks back.  And I’ve watched the movie before getting hooked on the series.  After watching the movie, my movie buddies’ comments made me curious why the movie has turned out as a big disappointment to them.  As someone who hasn’t watched the series, I find the movies’ effects good but the story lines are all messed up and I didn’t quite get what was the story all about.  There are scenes from the movie that will make you wonder why it is even part of the movie, and you wouldn’t just get it.  I think the biggest mistake of M. Night Shyamalan is to take out the fun in the movie.  He made the story too serious and took out the funny antics of Aang and Sokka.

Anyway, I’ll just talk about how much I’ve enjoyed the series then.  It was really funny.  The comic timing was really good.  Well what do you expect, its target market are kids.  The plot in the series was greatly developed.  Once you watched the first episode there’s a big tendency that you won’t stop watching for more.  I was amazed with Katara, she was full of courage.  Sokka may be funny, sarcastic but he’s smart.  Aang’s character is believable, though he knows he’s powerful and he’s the avatar the child in him was kept and it made the story believable.  You can feel Zuko’s rage and frustration but it didn’t make the series too dark thanks to General Iroh’s character.

Watching the series made me wish I can do any of the element bending.  I was actually teased by friends that I’d prolly be a fire bender. I took a test on Facebook and it suggested that I’m a Firebender and I’m not quite convinced yet.  I still believe I can pass as a member of the water tribe because I am adaptable and peaceful.  Haha!

I’m now currently watching the 2nd season, the Book of Earth and the new characters made the story more interesting.  I’ll write about the 2nd book in a different post.  I’m sharing a YouTube link of a promotional trailer of the cartoons.