Finally after so many weeks I’ve had the chance to write something poetic. Short but very heartfelt. I was targeting for a piece that is cutting and drawn.  A haiku about some of the used to’s I’m thinking of right now. 


Missing some used to’s

Warmth in our conversations

Focused and engaged


The morning hellos

Right amount of attention

Sweet good night farewells


Trying to be strong

Concealing sadness with songs

Braving and praying


To realize that

I’m so used to be alone

Reality checked


Coping and starting

To detach my world from him

Soon to get over


Just need to be firm

Trust and control myself more

Happiness restored?



I have never felt this confused about work since 2005.  Well, I don’t normally think about working outside my current company.  By August, it will be seven years of hard work, fun, challenges and patience.  I have transferred twice to different divisions and handled five different jobs ever since.


Last Friday, I got a call from a company who’s giving me a job I couldn’t possibly resist.  I have never expected that they’d call since the last interview was a long time ago.  They have mentioned the pay and the work but it’s not the only thing that I consider.


I’ll be going to see them tomorrow and probably I’d ask a day or two for me to finally decide.  On Friday, I will be leaving for Boracay for a vacation and I will take that opportunity to think things over.


I have no problem with the financial aspect, the pay that I am getting right now is enough, I couldn’t ask for more.  The work and exposure that I have experienced with the company is surprisingly awesome.


That leads me to a very confusing and hard dilemma right now, choosing between a stable and happy work life to a very tempting progressive growth on my career.  But, it is the risk that’s worth taking.  This is the moment that I am waiting for.


Maybe, it’s about time that I come out of my comfort zone.  I don’t want to end up thinking about what could have been later on in my life.  I will just face my decision and stand by it.  Anyway, there’s no right or wrong answer to my questions.


What do you think?  Have any thoughts on this?