I haven’t opened my television set for the last two days.


I woke up early even if it was a holiday.


I didn’t update my facebook profile as often as I used to. 


My laptop’s jealous and it needs to be fixed but I didn’t mind.


I think I am officially addicted to the “glow-in-the-dark jigsaw puzzle” that I am doing.


Two weeks ago I decided to try a 300-pc jigsaw puzzle.  My friend Iris introduced me to the idea.  It started with her asking me if I know a place where to find glow in the dark puzzles.  To which my mind was easily enticed.  I have been fascinated with anything that glows in the dark.  I have a cellular chain that glows in the dark.  I have stars plastered on my wall that of course glows in the dark.


So I decided to join the bandwagon, I tried it for myself.  I wanted to start immediately with the 1000-pc but the sales lady advised me that it is hard and the possibility of having a headache is highly probable so I opted to try the 300-pc. 


And I am glad I took her advice, if the 300-pc took me 4 ½ hours to finish in two days but the 1000-pc puzzle took me almost 34 hours in 3 straight days.  There was a time that I almost gave up.  So I tried to push harder to finish at least a recognizable portion that will help me get motivated and the plan worked for and on me. 


Anyway, here are the pictures of my two glow-in-the-dark jigsaw puzzle.  If you want to learn more about this click here



my 300-pc puzzle

my 300-pc puzzle



my 1000-pc puzzle

my 1000-pc puzzle